Wait A Minute… – Sept. 21, 2022




We’re inching closer to what Trump has been hinting at.

Texas Governor Greg Abbot says that Cartels will now be labeled as terrorists & any fentanyl deaths will be classified as murder.

Full Presser


JG Prophecy πŸ‘‡


Donald Trump, you are protected by Me, saith the Lord of Hosts. That includes your family and all who are with you. Nothing will come of their plans against you. I am giving you peace and rest. I will take care of your family in this hour. You know what needs to be done, but your family won’t be able to be with you through it. But I am The Great I AM, and I will shield them, protect them and give them peace and joy knowing you will be okay as well as this nation.

Donald, great is your reward. I will give back everything that has been taken from you, and I will give you more than you could ask Me for. Every lawsuit will be dropped. Every person standing against you will fall by My hand, saith the Lord of Hosts. I held you back in this hour to hide, comfort, and strengthen you. You have listened and obeyed Me, My son. So, Donald, I am giving you back all that has been stolen and more.

All that needed to be removed and all those who infiltrated your camp have been exposed, so now you can move forward in this hour. The dominoes are falling everywhere in front of you, so walk through to your place of power again. Give Me the care of the people of this nation. My Angel Armies are all over protecting them. Do not worry about them. Nothing your enemies can do will prosper against you or this nation. Peace I will give to you in this hour like never before. Donald, know you are special to Me, and thank you for your obedience and for trusting in Me through it all. Donald, how special you are in My sight. I love you My son, so go and take what is rightfully yours in this hour, and all will be okay with you, your family, and this nation.

JUST IN – New York AG files civil fraud lawsuit against Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, Allen Weisselberg, Jeffrey Mcconney, The Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust, The Trump Organization, Inc., and other businesses associated with Trump.







Russia’s former Prime Minister, Mikhail Kasyanov: ”Russia will not use nuclear weapons, Putin’s threats could lead to the end of his era”






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