They Will Fall in the Fall! – Sept. 21, 2022


Tomorrow is the first day of fall.


Leticia James

JG Prophecy Fulfilled 👇


Word Received: July 2, 2022

A clown show will be exposed. A clown show, Lord? Yes, this is a fake reality your enemy so desperately wanted you to believe so they could sneak away with things they had stolen. What was stolen, Lord? Everything, My children. They stole nations, economies, freedom, health, and education. They stole it all, but this is the time of reversals.

🔥 Thanks to The Roar Rises. (Ernie Plumley)

September 21, 2022: Clown Show: NY Stalinist AG Letitia James Announces Lawsuit Against President Trump for Inflating Net Worth – Something That’s Already Been Debunked

Link to Prophetic Word:

*Prophecies Fulfilled


President Trump suggested Mike DeWine, governor of Ohio, go home and spend time with his family. 😆 After he had flown in and met Trump at the airport, hoping to go the Trump rally.

Translation: I do not want you at the Trump rally and I do not give you my endorsement!




President Trump is destroying these creeps right and left!

And center!

Enjoy the show!


They can manufacture volcanoes and

hurricanes and


But we’re still going to destroy the New World Order Cabal.

Nothing can stop what is coming! 💥💥💥💥


The United Nations Maskhole Covention 😷


Meanwhile in Iran



As Feds increased the hikes rate to fight of the inflation .. everything is now crashing.

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Should expect 17,600 area to break since the crash hitting we will wait for the bottom .. the buy area for bitcoin . I like is around 12K-9000 area those are the buy opportunity.


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