Kat Is The Sea II – Sept. 21, 2022

😼 It feels like the “official” death of QE2
has launched a tsunami of a Spirit of Freedom 
in all Patriot hearts in EVERY country.

In governments, religions, monarchies, education, 
science, medicine, banks, currencies, etc.
men & women across the globe are crying out against
the deep state demons 
& their matrix of control—ENOUGH!!

“Iranian women take off Hijab to protest the death 
of 22-year-old Masha Amini after detention by ‘Morality Police…’

The women chanted “death to the dictator!”
~ India Today, 9-18-22
Masih Alinejad @AlinejadMasih
“Women of Iran-Saghez removed their headscarves
In protest against the murder of Masha Amini
22-year-old woman
by hijab police and chanting:

death to dictator!

Removing hijab is a punishable crime in Iran.
We call on women & men around the world to show solidarity.”
Watch IRAN.
Something incredible is about to happen… 🕊️



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