FIFTY8 / It is time to bring clarity to this world ~ Sept. 21, 2022


Editor’s Note: Let’s ask that question that arises from reading this post…”Is dark matter bad?” I do not know, yet I do know the value of introducing silence and stillness into my mind. Is this a “bad” thing? My answer is to understand the value, for you, of what enters your mind while it is still. How do you feel? What, if anything, are you prompted to do and be?

I enjoy the “easy-peasy” way my own life evolves with grace and ease as I continue to flow forward allowing me to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


What is Symbolism?

Our soul and spirit talks to us through symbols and archetypes. In this video I explain how I create my films and explain symbolism by the TV Series, “His Dark Materials,” which is a show filled with symbolism and esoteric knowledge. I communicate with my Spirit via Dark Matter.

What is Dark Matter?

Dark Matter is composed of particles that do not absorb, reflect, or emit light, so they cannot be detected by observing electromagnetic radiation. Dark Matter is material that cannot be seen directly…scientists believe that dark matter may account for the unexplained motions of stars within galaxies.

The majority of the universe is made up of mysterious, practically invisible dark matter. It may be invisible to our eyes, but we can feel its gravitational force. It passes through all the matter in the Universe, including human beings, as though it weren’t there at all. In my guided meditations this is what you tap into and feel via imagery. You also learn how to develop your Negative Capability.

What is Negative Capability?

Describes the ability of the individual to perceive, think, and operate beyond any presumption of a predetermined capacity of the human being. You can’t see Dark Matter unless you put yourself in a certain state. You have to put your mind in a certain state of expectation.

Learn to develop your Negative Capability.

This is a state of deep relaxation, deeper than in sleep itself but associated with a special kind of awareness to create reality. Everyone has a mind that can easily be trained to exercise powers that beginners openly doubt they have. Only when you actually experience these powers will you come to believe.

This is Dynamic Meditation;

to operate psychically whenever you desire to, tapping into Higher Intelligence. We currently only use 2/10 of our overall brain power and potential. Alpha connects to the rest of your dormant power and energy.

Learn to function with awareness at the Alpha frequency.

Which uses both hemispheres of the brain. Instead of just one. When you learn to do this, you will be at a level of mind where you will be able to free your imagination for solving any of your problems and to create a new reality.

Learn to use meditation dynamically with your entire being to solve problems.

Imagine coming into direct, working contact with an all-pervading higher intelligence and learning in a moment of unimaginable joy that it is and always has been on your side…

One of the biggest issues with almost everyone on the warrior’s path is the inability to shut down their internal dialogue.

If you listen to the voice inside your head, your ears have been commandeered by that dialogue.

You were taught to talk to yourself.

Once you begin to talk to yourself, you no longer listen to your heart, thus splitting yourself in two. You have your one true voice, which erupts from your heart, and the other voice that incessantly talks to you inside your head.  As this division occurs between your head and your heart, an ocean of poison begins to separate you from yourself. This is called distorted emotions – the belief in lack and limitation.

In my meditations you will learn how to shut down this internal dialogue that controls most of humanity. Once you know how to do this, you can never say you don’t know how to shut it down.

With training you can enter the Alpha level at will and still remain fully alert.

You will learn to be able to use your mind to its full potential to reduce pain, heal the body, free yourself of unwanted habits, and ignite your intuition so that your sixth sense becomes a creative, powerful and problem-solving part of daily life.

Once you become acquainted with these sensing faculties and learn to use them, you will be using more of your mind in a special manner.  You will actually operate psychically whenever you want to, tapping in on Higher Intelligence.

Relax, to end insomnia, to find relief from headaches, or to learn to do things that cost great efforts of will, such as stopping smoking, losing weight, improving memory, studying more effectively and much, much more!

You’ll learn that the five senses—touching, tasting, smelling, hearing, and seeing—are only a part of the senses they we are born with. There are others, call them powers or senses, once known only to a gifted few and to mystics who developed them over lifetimes removed from the active world.


I can teach and share with you how to expand the Mind and control it with power and intent. Learn more by watching the video above and joining me in my guided meditations.

To truly change the world is to listen to the silence of your heart and not the voices of the mind.

Billy Rood / Creator of FIFTY8

4 thoughts on “FIFTY8 / It is time to bring clarity to this world ~ Sept. 21, 2022

  1. Thank you so very much
    I watched a documentary of President Kennedy’s assassination last night I didn’t sleep well and I can’t stop crying today
    I can’t find the video/meditation above?


    1. Mmm…The mediation is within you, so try closing your eyes a moment and just clear your mind by simply focusing on your own breathing. In, and then out. In, and then out. If other thoughts come into your mind, re-focus on just your breathing…In, and then out.
      After a few minutes of this, I guarantee you will feel better!

      Let me know! Love you…😊🌹


      1. Contact👍🏻
        Bless you ♥️
        My first inhale created a deep sobbing cry exhale
        I was ready to quit and try again later but then realizing I havent been breathing anyway I have been holding my breath in my mind with such sadness and anger😯 so
        I continued and within a few more
        Bingo I felt/heard her/me again
        My heart ♥️
        Bless you bless you bless you
        I think we forget to breath sometimes
        Just breathe
        I will continue to remember this through the days ahead
        Thank you so much for shining your light
        Love you♥️🌸


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