September 20, 2022: Last Chance for Humanity to Wake Up Gently? [videos] Starship Earth


As the deep state satanic elite cult uses lies upon lies to manipulate the public and pulls their pathetic false flag attacks, the Earth Alliance pushes on. There is no turning back, and Humanity will be pulled along by the tides in these stormy seas until the conclusion of this epic, historic, military operation.

If you didn’t hear it, this is the video from the Liz II funeral procession where the commentators said the queen has been “lying in state for the past four years” at Westminster Hall. It does not sound doctored. The truth comes out in unexpected ways. Link to Telegram.

When we see “the comms” from world leaders we can see that something is definitely cooking and at some point it will have to be served to the unsuspecting Humans. Link to Telegram.

Based on the newest report from General Kirillov, (article coming soon) it appears the Special Military Operation is coming to a close. Their reports on Deep State biological malfeasance are finalized.

Now reports of Putin and Russian Defense Minister addressing the nation tonight!

Right after all the “storm” comms from both Trump AND Putin! 👀

Something is going DOWN!


BREAKING – Russian media now reports that Russian President’s recorded address will be broadcasted on 21st September 2022 at 8 AM ( Moscow Time ) Link to Telegram.

The Big Boys are dropping hints all over the place!!! Pay attention

— Theo Fleury (@TheoFleury14) September 20, 2022

About the “flag comms” we heard about with missing stars… Link to Telegram.


Michael Jaco gets into the flag messaging and what it might mean in this video update. Fireworks time? I think it’s definitely popcorn time. Extra butter, Himalayan salt, and maybe some cheesy sprinkles.

What about the funereal comms? Lots of those, too.

We know the situation is always the opposite of what the deep state and their media minions tell us.

Who was dead for awhile and they pretended otherwise? Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Queen Elizabeth II, Hillary Clinton, George Bush Sr., and many more.

Who did we believe died but actually joined the ranks of the un-dead? We believe Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, John F. Kennedy Jr., John McAfee, Jeffrey Epstein, and many others. Possibly even John Denver. Link to Telegram.

There has been plenty of discussion recently about the Q Military Intelligence team being a psyop. This is now a few years after I stated it was a psyop—“in a good way”. I explained it several times over a span and we were way ahead of the curve but it’s so obvious if you think about it.

Who said psyops had to be a bad thing? Like anything, it depends how it’s used. Anything can be used for good or ill. Look at the miraculous awakening and swell of national pride that has almost swallowed America since Q began dropping bread crumbs for the Anons to research.

In fact, there are Q fans worldwide who can see what a fantastic operation it is because they revealed so much information—some of it potentially frightening—but not so as to risk compromising “national security”. They did it in a relatively condensed time and gave awake people a healthy dose of reality. They also gave them hope for a better future and the courage to stand up and do something to assist the White Hats.

Trump was the poster boy for the military patriots and he was the colour party, the drill sergeant and the general all in one. Behind the scenes it seems he was a brilliant strategist at military college. As well, he was an excellent example to the common man, he encouraged, he set the standards, he showed Americans how to stand up for themselves and how being the under dog is just an illusion; that America belongs to them—not wealthy banksters, corporations, and special interest groups.

From Q we learned it is relatively few psychopaths running the world compared to the billions of Humans and that we needn’t fear taking our place in the Q Army to awaken the masses. Digital soldiers across the planet sat down at their keyboards or even their smart phones and began to share the truth.

We learned that as Humans on the planet created for us, it is criminal for private corporations to be harnessing our water and any other resources and selling them back to us in the form of “pure water”, electricity, gas, oil, precious metals, etc. It all belongs to us.

It’s not rocket science to see that the banksters charging us interest to loan us our own money is pure wicked Babylonian sorcery. How could we be so blind?

Yes, Q is indeed just one aspect of the Earth Alliance’s thrust to alert Humanity to our dire situation and get us to take action; to enlist in the war for our liberation. Trump said his team was going to take the slings and arrows for us while they gave the power back to the People. They did just that. They delivered as promised, and now…

It’s now time for the People to responsibly seize that power to save themselves and their country with ACTION. It’s their duty as an American when they know there is a threat to stand up and fight to protect the constitution and their nation from all enemies—foreign and domestic.

The military has the backs of the American People and the Patriots on the front lines but they will not show themselves or play their role publicly until The Plan calls for it. That time could be near.

How do people feel about the direction school curriculums are going under the control of the Democrat/globalist satanic perverts?

Why does this belong in a school?! Rhetorical question obviously.

— The Notorious M.A.G.A Lee 🐶🐢🐢🦜🦜🦜 🍊 (@Leerose1985) September 20, 2022

Until the breakthrough event which will shock the world into awareness, we have the deep state minions squirming. Link to Telegram.

The Daily Beast just admitted that Trump played the WWG1WGA song behind his speech as they say Trump is “making love to Qanon and we should all be terrified.”
Mainstream media panic. 🤣
You love to see it.
Anons are soaking it in like sponges.

There are going to be… um, “colourful” facts coming up in the future. It’s going to be worse than a dog’s breakfast. This next example is just confirmation of what SerialBrain2 told us years ago about Robert Mueller and James Corney-Comey. Link to Telegram.

[ Photo ]
is now a good time to release this?

The “royals” are in for a rough time because the People are onto them. In the Netherlands, the awakened are fed up. Link to Telegram for video of the “royal family” waving to their not-so-adoring fans. Boos, actually, lol.

The Netherlands 🇳🇱 / Holland Upside Down Flag
Interview with the Vampires BILDERBERG
We The People Calling out The Fake King, PM Mark Rutte…Nazi’s!

The date of September 24th is still bandied about as an important number to watch. Bo Polny did his unique overlay technique from the scriptures and presented another fascinating look at what historical and biblical events might influence our current situation. His track record is surprisingly good, but he states he is not a prophet; he just gives us potentialities and September 24th/25th sound like they are loaded with potential. Bo recommends a few sections of the Book of Revelation which are pertinent to this period. Greg Hunter hosted this discussion on You can read a summary or watch at the link below. 1 hr. 16 min.

Biden Crash will mean Death of America – Bo Polny

This Brit has his own theory on what will happen on September 24th. Language alert. Link to Telegram.

I also see a lot of chatter about Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. He was vilified for a long time but when you look at the wedding pictures of he and Ivanka, we are not seeing the same guy. The man in Trump’s cabinet doesn’t resemble this fellow much. Either the man in the photo is not Jared Kushner, or the man posing as Ivanka’s husband now is not the real Jared Kushner. Is he just another actor? Where’s the man in the wedding photo? Was he a black hat infiltrating the Trump family? Is it time to write Kushner out of the script? He has obviously been replaced just as Putin was.

Would the real Jared Kushner please stand?

The senseless killing and destruction we predicted from the globalist cabal is still going strong. Will they blame it on another gas leak? That’s the usual story when they want it to look like an accident. Same old playbook, over and over. We’ll see when the details come out.

JUST IN: Multiple People Hospitalized After Building Explosion in South Austin, Chicago (VIDEO)

This kind of violence and intolerance from demonrats has to stop.

Cayler Ellingson, a 18 year old young man was viciously murdered during a political motivated attack. Shannon Brandt accused Cayler Ellingson of being a “right wing extremist.” This was Shannon Brandt left wing motivation to viciously murder Cayler Ellingson.

— TheJFKReport (@TheJFKReport) September 20, 2022

The distress flags are still waving in the Great White Gulag as their outrageous political jungle has Canucks so lost in theatre they may never find their way out. We do have serious cause to believe, however, that President Trump is the commander-in-chief of the Canadian military as well as the American due to the agreement signed as the USMCA so help may be waiting in the wings for the right moment to pull a save out of a hat [trick].

Those who have read the USMCA tell us it is far more than a trade agreement and cedes those duties to Trump, who, as most of us reading this know, is lawfully the President of the United States. The US Military stands by that because they caught the dark cabal stealing the election in many creative ways. The Patriots have assured us “we have it all” and when the time comes, the proof will be made public in a way no one can ignore. What we really need is for the somnambulant public to wake up and realize it.

The theatrics continue and Trudeau the actor hasn’t changed. He is still pushing fake science—when it’s convenient, of course.

TRUDEAUs mask theatre is back!

He’s masked in New York today – after singing and drinking unmasked in London.

“Science” 🙄#TrudeauMustGo

— #TrudeauMustGo 🇨🇦Schtev🇨🇦 (@schtev69) September 20, 2022

The Globe and Mail are still pushing the toxic jab agenda so brainwashed Canadians can follow suit.

France clears Omicron-adapted COVID-19 boosters for autumn vaccination drive

— The Globe and Mail (@globeandmail) September 20, 2022

And speaking of “vaxxines”… this just came out from Natural News. What?! You can read it at the website link below or see more on this  Link to Telegram.

BOMBSHELL story: USDA air dropping vaccines from helicopters across 13 states, using vaccine “bait” deemed HAZARDOUS if ingested

– Hazardous vaccines are being disguised as FOOD and dropped from helicopters
– The USDA specifically says they also use vehicles to dump these rabies vaccines IN CITIES
– The Safety Data Sheet says these “vaccines” are HARMFUL if ingested
– They can also cause skin lesions if touched
– They harm waterways and aquatic life
– The USDA has a long history of mass murder of kittens, birds, bears, wolves and other animals
– This is a mass murder program disguised as a vaccine air drop

And then this… the Miramichi River in New Brunswick, I think he said. Why are there people there in hazmat suits is a very good question. Link to short video on Telegram.

Tomorrow, September 21st is officially “UN International Day of Peace”. Good grief. What does the UN know of peace, except that it must be prevented at all costs? I hope the Patriots can turn this around. Perhaps it relates to the address coming from Putin mentioned above?

Just before I pressed the publish button, this popped up on Telegram. Something to watch.

BREAKING The Anonymous hacktivist group has, in a cyberattack, taken down the official website of the Iranian government (

Friday is the first day of fall. What an appropriate time for the big takedown of the pathetic, unHuman, satanic psychopathic cabal.

Stuff to do, so I will amble off with fond good wishes to the awakened and the awakening and the digital soldiers who toil daily to pry open one more eye. Thank you to the crew for the timely heads up on many topics via the comments. Ciao for now.  ~ BP

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