4 thoughts on “EXECUTED – FOR HIGH CRIMES & TREASON ~ Sept. 20, 2022

  1. Have faith and patience. Always trust your gut it does not know how to lie. I have a feeling something is just around the corner. I have been waiting for 7 years, some have been waiting for decades.


    1. Sorry, but after years and years of disappointments….’Faith’ and ‘Patience’ have become UGLY, DIRTY words. One can be TOO patient, you know. I mean what makes THIS any different than say, when Obama said, “we got Osama…..though we got rid of the body and buried him at sea. (like all Muslims do…..>_>), just take my word for it. *cheesy Obama grin*

      and I HAVE been waiting for DECADES…since 1991. Won’t do ME any good if I am either dead, or elderly, when the good stuff finally happen, you know.


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