Why Is There A Dragon On The Queen’s Casket? – Sept. 2022

Why Is There A Dragon On The Queen’s Casket? (could it be because she is one?)

Why was this a closed casket public showing? (could it be because she has been dead for several years already?)

Why is a Red Dragon statue standing outside the Royal Castle in public view for all to see? (they have to tell you)

You know…if this were some leader from China…one might expect to see dragons on the casket covers. But this is the UK. What else could they be trying to portray?

It was David Icke way back in the 90’s when I first heard the royals were not human…but Reptilian and maybe Draco too.

Dracos rule over Reptilians. But both eat humans and both are here in great numbers as shapeshifters…so you might not notice if not paying close attention.

Both Dracos and Reptilians work under the Zeta ETs. (who farm humans ‘underground out of sight’ for food) Can you say clones?

They might not be eating your neighbors or family…but they damn sure are here eating humans same as you eat chickens. (I don’t eat any meat)

Anybody doubting what I am showing needs to go research David Icke.

Since then I have seen a woman on video from the UK who was a subject of MK Ultra (mind control) program and she witnessed the queen shift into a dragon and rip the heart out of a female child (and eat it) tied on an altar in the basement of the royal castle.

None of the royals are human. The left are using the death of the fake queen as a delay or distraction for something else. ‘That’ is what we need to study and figure out.

The vatican is satanic and they are all vampire pedophiles who worship the Black Sun of Lucifer.

Basically at this point…every nation on this planet has been taken over by alien walk-ins. The ones in power of governments/military and corporations are all zombies with the satanic communist agenda in full swing.

The CIA and FBI are out of control and no longer serve the people.

So all of them have to go. Mass arrests will take out most of them. The rest will perish when the transformational wave of light energy hits the earth from the central sun soon.

If your not one of us humans…and your vibration/frequency is too low…you will not survive ‘The Event’ and they will all perish.

On 9/11 Q said something big would happen. Well as it turned out…on 9/11 they started a 10 day countdown clock. That ends on the 20th. This Tuesday.

We know it will be a MOAB…but all we can do is guess. Last week Trump (our real president who never lost power) told the military it is ok to go ahead and move forward on the mass arrests. 
So they may announce that and tell you to stay off the streets at home for a while? 
They may also announce the new currency. I hear it is at the banks now for release soon. (banks & ATMs)

They may announce NESARA and the changes that it will bring. (like more SS$$$ for seniors)

So I expect this will be an busy week with many surprises. (including the RV possibly) If you know…you know.

That’s what JFK Jr. says all the time. Oh…and he could pop up too. 🙂 Mr.Ed

2 thoughts on “Why Is There A Dragon On The Queen’s Casket? – Sept. 2022

  1. Spooky as hell post today but at least its some kind of explanation as to how all segments of our planetary lives have been changed in ways we just don’t understand. I look forward so much to some exposure if not all of it. I still can’t believe what I am seeing, its so sci-fi. Let’s hope we can all endure it. Everyone jokes that this is some movie but if it was, I would’ve walked out on it months ago….I do not think its entertaining to find out that many of my fellow beings are not humans at all.


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