Types Of Herbal Preparation’s – Sept. 18, 2022

Editor’s Note: As “medicines” based on pharmaceutical measures wane (as they should), many more uses of traditional means will evolve.

Please use the primer below to learn how natural treatments are made, use these successfully to heal your own body, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!



This basic list of herbal preparations covers the most common ways herbs are administered. 

• Fresh/Dried Herbs – Many herbs can be eaten right out in the garden, or added as dried herbs to simmering cook pots in the kitchen.

• Herbal Capsules – A convenient way to take dried herbs, herbal capsules allow for easy dosing.

• Tea – Made by adding herbs to hot water, tea is one of the simplest herbal preparations. 

• Infusion – A strong tea made with either hot or cold water.  They’re often allowed to steep for many hours. 

• Decoction – A very strong herbal tea made by reducing the “tea” often by as much as half its original volume to concentrate the medicinal constituents.

• Herbal Broth – Often made with medicinal mushrooms, or by incorporating herbs into traditional slow-cooked bone broths.

• Herbal Steams – A bit like a tea, in that boiling water is poured over herbs, but instead of drinking it you inhale the steam which is filled with the volatile oils of the herbs.  This is especially useful for respiratory conditions.  This method is also sometimes used on other parts of the body, such as tender parts after childbirth when they’re still too injured to apply a compress.

• Poultice – Herbs are finely chopped or pulverized completely before topical application.  

• Tincture – An alcohol extract of fresh or dried herbal material.  Most are single extraction tinctures made with just alcohol, but some use a double extraction method that first extracts with alcohol and then water to pull out both the water and alcohol soluble constituents.  

• Herbal Glycerite – Similar to a tincture, a glycerite uses vegetable glycerine instead of alcohol to create a herbal extract.  They’re mostly used in children or individuals avoiding alcohol.

• Herbal Sprays ~ Usually similar to a tincture, but put into a spray bottle for topical use.  Some of the most common are throat and mouth sprays, which are alcohol-based extracts put into spray bottles for topical use on the mouth and throat.  There are other sprays used topically elsewhere for wound treatment and skin conditions as well.

• Infused Oil – Dried herbs are infused into a carrier oil, which can be used internally or externally.  It’s most commonly applied topically or used to make herbal soaps, salves, or cosmetics.

• Herbal Salve -Made by adding wax to a herbal infused oil to create a semi-solid herbal preparation that’s easy to apply topically.

• Herbal Soap – Often made with herbal infused oil, a herbal soap is used topically to disinfect or treat skin conditions.  

• Bath Salts, Bath Bombs, and Sitz Baths – One big group of herbal preparations that rely on sitting in a herbally infused bath.  While bath bombs and salts usually mean a full-body immersion in a tub, sitz baths are usually shallow water immersions for just one part of the body.


The Butterfly Pea tea is anti-inflammatory, a detox agent & rich in health benefits — improves eyesight, enhance the digestive system, promote cardiac health, manage weight loss, reduce stress, & boost immunity.

Butterfly pea’s antioxidants stimulate collagen & elastin synthesis, which rejuvenate the skin, lessen wrinkles & other signs of aging. It can heal damaged hair & restore its natural shine. It is rich in Bioflavonoids, helping with hair growth & reduce grey hairs. 

Butterfly pea flowers has a light taste but add in lemon, lime os honey it changes the tea into different shades of blue & purple. It can be used as a dye or food coloring without the harmful effects of artificial coloring.


Organic Dried Butterfly Pea Clitoria Ternatea Flower


Sacred Egyptian Blue Lotus Loose Flower Herbs



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Skittles contain toxin and are unsafe to eat



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