Time Dilation ~ Solar Krystal Codes ~ Galactic Guardians ~ The End of the Dark Era / The New Timeline Grounded ~Sept. 18, 2022


the Seventh Ray

We continue to receive massive waves of higher energetic light flooding into this realm through the Great Central Sun from on High. We are on day 2 of our 20 day journey down the central channel of the Mayan Tzolkin and into the Core of the Galactic Center, Hunab Ku on Sept 21st. This is symbolic of the Descension of the Holy Spirit into the hearts and minds of our Starseed Ground crew of the 144 and the Ascension of our Collective Consciousness of Humanity to a New Tone, the Frequency of Heaven on Earth. We make the compression breakthrough within the Zero Omega Point Still center in our Exodus into the Pure Land of Milk and Honey.

Pachamama received another massive activation today with a M 6.5 earthquake in Taiwan at 13:41 UTC on the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean right on the Tropic of Cancer, Mother Earth’s Upper Dantian. The Alchemical Field of Elixir. 

This is the dawning of a New Day, a New Life, a New Way. This is the Path of the Tao, the Divine Flow of Nature, the Way In. The Divine Mother Goddess rises and we rise with her. We are waking from the dead, false realities into the True and Real Life of Timelessness.

We lived out all the suffering timelines to anchor in the highest light into this realm to create the exit portal into the Pure Land of Eternal Life. The Infinite Light of our Buddha Nature is Shining our Bright Virtue into the field of Consciousness to Shift this Game to that of Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Abundance for all sentient Beings of the Way.

We walk this Path with Heart living from our Pure Center being connected to all things in all realms, timelines and dimensions. The veils of separation are lifting, through this Ascension Portal and Process we retain our Individual Perception while we merge our multidimensional oneness consciousness of the all. In Unity Consciousness we Go Cosmic and step into our Galactic Roles as Emissaries of the Light.

You must believe and with enough Faith and Right Action you can achieve anything that you perceive. If you put your heart, body, mind and soul, and of course your 10,000 hours of practice you can master any art. It takes persistence and consistency to Awaken the Genius Within.

In our Spiritual practice we are bridging back all fragmented aspects of ourselves to make the Self Whole and Complete again. This is the Atonement of Self Realization and the time of our Great Awakening…A’Ho!


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