Q, The Storm Rider ~ Sept. 19, 2022


  • In 1991 it had become clear to Military Intelligence inside U.S. Air Force (predawn USFF), inside Q military clearance programs and Mole plants inside three letter agencies that 911 was being planned by Secretary of Defense Deep State Operative Dick Cheney.
  • The plan to invade the Middle East for oil had been in force since the late 60s. The 911 EVENT could cover for multiple Agendas including DARPA technology to control news cycles (Internet mass censorship and tracking opposition).
  • Upon the early discovery of 911 planned Agenda several White Hats created a plan to rob the Pentagon. In the two months leading up to 911, Space Force had the Quantum  Technology to steal the money from the CIA and Pentagon and leave false money trails of Pentagon corruption to the missing money.
  • Multiple files were uploaded into the Pentagon Servers including real stolen money from U.S. citizens/ corporations/ and their connection to Wall Street operations. Inside the placed files were videos of a Dick Cheney Pedophilia Ring connected to Elites and the Rumored/videos and evidence of Child Hunting parties that connected the Rothschilds/ UK Royalty/ Austria Forest Human Hunting Parties.
  • On the Eve of 911 Donald Rumsfeld announced 2.3 Trillion was missing from the Pentagon, and the next day a supposed plane flew into the Pentagon where their servers and data was infiltrated by the White Hats.
  • What really happened was White Hats stole the money (over 4 trillion) and went to the full creation of Space Force White Hat Alliance-creation of Military Operations.
  • After this robbing of the Pentagon Three Letter Agencies, the silent war erupted inside the Military Intelligence Agencies.
  • Bush created wars and went after the oil.
  • Obama created wars and funneled money to [redacted] through Iran.
  • After the Robbery of the PENTAGON (actually 4 trillion over) by White HATS that knew 911 was going to take place, counter measures were placed with letting the 3 letter agencies.     
  • The hite HATS had evidence on human trafficking/ weapons trade/911 agenda. This would secure the lives of White Hat operators and secure investigation by Deep State Bush/Obama administration into a collective Military Alliance inside the Three Letter Agencies would not take place.
  • ….. In short SPACE FORCE/& Alliance secured themselves from arrest…as they held World Evidence of CORRUPTION/ killings,/ CIA OPERATIONS over throwing world leaders and their governments connected to world money laundering.
  • This Standoff and silent war inside the U.S. government Elites, Generals and commands continued as the Obama/ Rockefellers/ World Cabal planned the Pandemic and virus release that would lead to full control of the Internet and full communication grids ( they had hoped the data mining of all humans on earth would EXPOSE all the White Hats and Infiltrators through the governments…….
  • This Data Control and Digital Technology Control would lead to other agendas that could bring in the age of full World Control by the Deep State Cabal Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Obamas, Clintons.
  • Unfortunately for them, Space Force had other plans. Super advanced technology in Cheyenne Mountain and USSF began their operations in 2014 with help of other White Hats and World Alliance. The Operation to Save the World went forward and placed Trump into office.
  • Today with the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones, exposure of the Plandemic, worldwide Vaccine exposure and the exposure of the World Pedophilia connected to Elites, the wakening of civilization had begun.
  • USSF meet with world generals and Chinese-Russian Alliance in Cheyenne Mountain.
  • It has become clear the PLANDEMIC is falling apart. And it has become clear to Russia, China, India and South America that Space Force – the Guardian Military Intelligence Agency – will come into complete control of the World powers. Soon after the collapse of the Deep State money organizations and agendas.

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