Hell has fallen on Europe!! Crazy thunderstorm in Zagreb, Croatia! ~ Sept. 19, 2022


Severe weather continues to rage across Europe.
After recent storms in Italy and France, another country was hit by bad weather.
On September 11, a severe thunderstorm hit the capital of Croatia.
The wind speed in Zagreb reached 90 km/h.
There was a strong hum all around, like from a tornado.
The locals were very frightened by such a strong wind.
Hail also fell in some areas of Croatia’s largest city.
The element damaged the roofs of houses, power lines and trees.
Fortunately, as a result of the incident in the metropolis, no one was injured.
Zagreb is the largest city and capital of Croatia.
The population of the metropolis is more than 800,000 people.
The city is located next to the Medvednica mountain range, on the Sava River, a tributary of the Danube.

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