Amanda Lorence ~ Sept. 18, 2022


Editor’s Note: Isn’t it remarkable how this message is indicative of “what’s happening” in our world today. A “re-set” has been planned by the dark to implement more thorough control, yet is being “flipped” by the good guys to not only bring immediate relief, but sustain the Earth forever!

Again, the dark may speak of Light in reference to how this produces power over others, but “true” Light always produces power only over Self! What a beautiful difference in service appreciated by ALL, allowing us to BE in…

Quantum Joy!



I URGE you to ONLY take what resonates, and totally discard if it doesn’t. My human brain is having a hard time understanding this too…

AT APPROX 0730 MEXICO CENTRAL TIME TODAY: I received in ‘Learning Dream The below DATA:

I was shown the camera, and the world scene projected from the camera. Camera for me, always depicts the HOLOGRAPHIC REALITY.

“There is going to be a RE-SET”.

I was then shown the hours of 37. Followed by the words:

“We don’t know what will happen as this has never happened before.”

My consciousness in the Learning Dream understood this type of re-set has not occurred before. And that the RE-SET is akin to switching OFF the holographic reality, followed by switching it back ON again.

On waking, my human brain isn’t sure whether the hours shown of 37 hours, depicted the RE-SET time from the time I had the Learning Dream, (which would be calculated to be 0830pm Sunday 18th September Mexico Central Time), or it could mean how long the hologram is switched off for. So in that case there is no date given. But I am feeling it’s to do with the time and date of the RE-SET.

I am just passing on the DATA that was extremely clear, even if my human is unsure of any more details. Please just take what resonates.

One Love,

Amanda Lorence

17 September 2022

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