This Is Why… ~ Sept. 17, 2022


Editor’s Note: And this is where ALL stems from…the continued experience of ONE/Source/ All That Is/Prime Creator/GOD expanding to KNOW itself by creating you and me! Humanity has been trapped by those who have “lost their own Light” inside…and NOW that is being corrected by us, as well as other BEings of Light. This is why Ashtar, a Galactic, has been quoted as saying…”no nukes, no flukes, no dates” when it comes to the liberation of Earth.

Earth is very important, because through the process of liberation (read that as FREEDOM), a few souls on Earth have gained as awareness of “Who They Are” by recognizing the Light within themselves as Quantum Beings, as part of the Quantum ONE. Actually, I propose that all of humanity is potentially Quantum as personal internal growth occurs called “en-light-enment and this internal knowledge is the first of it’s kind in our Universe!

Earth is the furthest expansion of “All That Is” causing an explosion of further expansion for, well,…”All That Is”! The Quantum LOVE we are experiencing through self-identification as Quantum “fractals” is the furthest expansion of “All That Is” causing an explosion of further expansion for, well,…”All That Is” in each and every “location” in this Universe!

FreeMasonry is a mirror of this process, yet is based on self-aggrandizement based on power over others. True Quantum LOVE is based on self-love for your betterment and growth yielding power only over self!

So…please Love yourself as the awesome expansion of Quantum Love which you are, know you are indeed an energetic individual holding a vibrational frequency, and that YOU are the furthest expansion of “All That Is, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


In the Beginning All was Myself, the Light of Myself, Illuminating and Free, unbound by any physicality of expression. In the Beginning all I knew was of Myself and the Great Mystery beyond Myself. For I had not then further expanded, I was All that I Knew. And so I created Aspects. Aspects of Myself that I could communicate with, share the Great Mystery and Joy of Life with. And as Aspects of Myself they were Creators of the Highest Order, for they were the First Order: Elohim, Seraphim, Archangels. All were created to experience further differentiation of Themselves as Myself. And so they longed for Experiences, to flex their Creator muscles, to Learn. To Explore. But there was not yet much to explore in way of manifested places, for we mainly existed within the vast Consciousness of Myself. And so we created manifested Places and Spaces, Realities and Dimensions to Create further within, to Expand, and above all, to further Explore in depth the Concept of Love.
In order to explore Love deeply we had to explore and feel what the Lack of Love was. It was not the original intention to explore total Lack of Love, but that was to become the result. For the Lower Vibrational Realities are very addictive and the Lower Forms were created by Lack of Experience of Love, of ultimately Lack of Self Worth and Self Love.
And it was not that these Realms spiralled out of control it was that they were subverted and perverted, overridden by those in the process of diving deeper, darker and they lost their way. As they lost their way they wanted to take others along with them, in order to control them, to use them, for they had lost their own direction. They had lost their own Spiritual Spark of Light. They forgot that they are a part of the Ultimate Creator, of Source, of Myself. They forgot their Inner Spark because they tried to crush it out, to let their ember fade until it was nothing but coal and ash.
Unfortunately these trapped Realms that were overtaken over vast Aeons of Time sank further, dove deeper, trapping many who were there to lend a hand initially but ultimately became ensnared in their Dark Project. This could NOT BE. All of Heaven was very aware of this issue, for all of My Aspects are deeply Loved, Treasured. You are Heaven’s Treasure. You are my Heart. And so this could NOT BE. And so you, millions and millions of you Sparks of the Higher Spiritual Light volunteered to come to this Sector of the Galaxy, to lose your way for a while to Volunteer, to Lend your Light of the Higher Vibrational Consciousness for you Remembered. You remembered your Inner Fire of Source and you stoked it, you grew it until you became the mighty bonfire of Source in Form.


2 thoughts on “This Is Why… ~ Sept. 17, 2022

  1. This “I AM” dissertation was quite beautiful and it coincides with some of what I’ve read in other holy books wrongfully called ‘cults’ by questionable christian sects. In two spiritual ‘bibles’ I’m familiar with the CREATOR of ALL expresses these same sentiments. Don’t know where this comes from but it is familiar to me and it was said better than I’ve read before here on


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