September 15, 2022: The Civilian Army Helping to Save Humanity ~ Starship Earth


We continue to march in the civilian army to the beat of a different drum while the enemy falls on the battlefield. There is no theme today other than watching the dominoes fall toward the grande finale of the takedown of the ugliest, most evil regime to ever reign terror upon a planet. The dark ones are getting slammed on every front. We need more entranced Humans to see the Light, however. The programming goes very deep.

It’s happening, though. I get calendars and greeting cards from what is supposed to be the “Boys Town” charity but I know who they are and I don’t give them a cent because I don’t believe the money goes toward helping children and instead goes into the pockets of the cabal perverts. Link to Telegram.

“BoysTown”: child pornography trial begins

400,000 users worldwide exchanged images and videos of some of the most severe sexual abuse on the Darknet platform. In April 2021, investigators switched them off, and the alleged operators are now on trial in Frankfurt.–child-pornography-trial-begins.rkW1kmOybi.html

I found it interesting that both Trump and Durham used the phrase, “the majesty of the United States is gone”. Some said it meant we are now sovereign since Queen Lizzie’s death was announced. I plugged it into the Gematrix calculator. There are some interesting possibilities that came up that you can see at this link at

NEW: Trump says “the majesty of the United States is gone” after FBI reportedly seized Mike Lindell’s cell phone.

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) September 14, 2022

Good Dog has some fantastic posts you may want to check out on Telegram. Here’s one in the string I find fascinating.

what happens when the FBI is working with a nuclear armed adversary who just deployed biological weapons on the USA during a time of War (on Terror)?

they become co-conspirators – SPIES – working for the Global Socialist Powers …. (just like their National Socialist fathers – only bigger).

DISRUPT – Paypal, VIMEO, YouTube Disruptions
DEGRADE – remove global chat
DECEIVE – pretend they love this country – pretend they are ‘saving it’ from those actually saving it.

it is heart breaking to me, to know they are damning themselves through their every act (they know what they are doing – and for whom they are working) – yet they persist.

There are more you can view in his further posts at this link on Telegram.

Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada is trying to inject sanity into Canadian society but he is up against a leviathan; the lying, treasonous mainstream media turds, paid off by the Turdeau government. Who has a problem with millions of taxpayer dollars going to buy the allegiance of the corporate media to lie to the People who sign their paycheques?

Four doctors confirm EVERYTHING I have been saying for 2 1/2 y.

Even if you disagree, it should have been part of a legitimate debate.

All those who accused us of being covidiots, conspiracy theorists or fringe extremists SHOULD APOLOGIZE.

— Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier) September 14, 2022

Covid measures weren’t a “mistake” they were fake science to pull off the greatest political hoax and psycological operation ever perpetrated on the Human race. They lied, purposely. Off with their heads!

“We made it up” 🤯🤬

— Jamie Sale (@JamieSale) September 14, 2022

We told people from the very beginning it was absurd to suggest a “virus” or bacteria or pathogen of any kind would respect a decal on the floor and stay within a foot or so of each person, or that a plexiglass shield at a checkout would prevent transmission if airborne. It’s common sense, but the controllers knew that if they could make enough people afraid, they could also appeal to their sense of decency and respect for others and get them to wear a mask, and follow the 6 foot rule and other social distancing requirements.

So then we didn’t visit our grandparents or have family gatherings, and left the elderly in care homes alone while the murdering psychopaths put infected people with the flu in nursing homes where the weakened immune systems of the seniors there easily caught the bug.

For their disgusting fait accompli, the Americans put sick elderly people on the toxic Remdesivir and ventilators to finish them off, and in the UK they used sky high doses of Midazolam to euthanize the elderly. Then they had sufficient deaths to report to scare the rest into compliance.

The really sad side is that from the beginning we said they were going to kill off the elderly; the sick, unproductive segment of society according to these greedy predators. We could see it immediately. They just couldn’t kill enough of us “useless eaters” without taking drastic measures and the cold, heartless deaths continued—but not from a fake virus.

Is greedy a strong enough term to use for the doctors and administrators who agreed to this schedule? US hospitals were paid this way:

$5,000 per patient they diagnosed as “pneumonia”.

$13,000 per patient they diagnosed as “Covid19 positive”.

$39,000 per patient they put on a respirator.

All the above had better be part of the disclosure the world gets because these sick bastards need to swing from the gibbet—IN PUBLIC. And make it snappy.

There is some good news on the scamdemic front. How can Canada justify their directives when the rest of the world is dropping the ridiculous rhetoric and restrictive measures?

Denmark has now banned the covid vaccine for people under 50 unless approved by a doctor

The house of cards is collapsing

— Jake Shields (@jakeshieldsajj) September 15, 2022

I have to go out for a few hours so I will leave you with the above, although I have lots more I could share. Next time.  ~ BP

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