Oh, My Goodness… – Sept. 15, 2022


This is what I was preparing you for. This man will change the world in the next week.

Clock starts ticking …. 

You will find out Who is behind Mr. Q channel.. He has information to bring this whole illegitimate regime down but needs to stay anonymous for security reasons.

Very soon we will see things change. 

I need you to JOIN & SHARE this channel with everyone you know. THIS IS BIG!




Operation “RED OCTOBER

What will happen on October 8th?

“Cyber attacks ON GOOGLE”

The 8th day of the month has been interesting as of late.

July 8: Shinzo Abe assassinated

Aug 8: Mar a Lago raided by FBI

Sep 8: Queen Elizabeth dies

Oct 8: TBD

Nov 8: Midterm elections


3 months before 9/11, former Naval Intelligence, William Cooper warned us that the government was propping up Osama Bin Laden as the “boogie man” for an event they would blame on him. 2 months after 9/11, Cooper was executed during a police raid.


The Pope also has serious health problems.

Nothing is a coincidence.


Emails text messages, voicemails, photos and witness testimony prove that Joe Biden was Fully Involved in his son’s corrupt foreign business dealings.

But the FBI has never raided any Biden family home!?


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