Kat Anonup Update: Nazi Breakaway Civilization, The Storm is Mathematical ~ Sept. 15, 2022



In response Every Time to her Publication


Juan O Savin
A breakaway process started in the early 1800’s
with Industrialists out of Germany
going to Argentina
& beginning their development of other Sciences
that led to flying vehicles & excursions to Antarctica..
Under the ice 2-miles thick
is an area 1.5 the times the size of N America..
Just like in spots all over the Continental U.S.
you have Hot Springs..
Under the ice you have rivers that flow & large lakes
because it’s heated thermally.. with underground geysers..
The Nazis sent 42k women to Antarctica
to support the German Army there in 1942..
there’s no record of them ever having come back.

DN Rodriguez
So that’s the Nazi breakaway civilization? In Antarctica?

Where was John Kerry Election Day ’16 → Antarctica
After the election, Newt Gingrich → Antarctica..
Last location Obama went
before he was out of office? Bariloche, Argentina
where all the Nazis went after WW2.
We beat the German Army,

9-13-22 JUAN O SAVIN
Ethan Lucas show


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