September 14, 2022: Fall Events During the Fall of the Cabal [videos] Starship Earth


Fall is slipping into the valley with a drop in temperature of 10 degrees F. It is most welcome. Official fall, on the Autumn Equinox is next Friday the 23rd and the difference in the light is dramatic. It used to get light at 4 am in the summer, now it’s still dim at 6 am.

Fascinating intel appears regularly on Telegram and we need to our our discernment—even if only to caution that “intel” can always be disinformation designed to manipulate the enemy. Logically, the White Hats will not tell the enemy what they are GOING to do; they will report on what they have ALREADY done or say nothing at all. Having said that, Scott McKay reported the following today as it came from his source:

Flash Intel drop from Overwatch…
Just 30 minutes ago.

Mass arrests actioned one hr ago by USMC JAG against all heads of state & big pharma – please be situationally aware when out & about brother !

There were, however, more fun and games today north of Los Angeles at the Lancaster High School where someone called in an active shooter situation which turned out to be a hoax. It’s called domestic terrorism.

#BREAKING NEWS: Deputies are conducting a search at Lancaster High School after receiving reports of an active shooter on campus.

— ABC7 Eyewitness News (@ABC7) September 14, 2022

Believe it or not, Mike Lindell was also raided by the FBI and they confiscated his phone. Do we hate the FBI yet?

Raided by the FBI … the my pillow guy.

Not raided by the FBI … dirtbag Hunter or one single pedo on Epstein’s client list.

That’s everything you need to know about the FBI.

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) September 14, 2022

Ben Fulford did a solid summary on the shift taking place since the official demise of Queenie you can read at this link if you desire. He also included a photo of one of the families the public will be getting to know soon. All related. They just change the names.

Nicholas Veniamin had an interesting conversation with Alan Fountain about the ending of the royal monarchy and what it would mean, and also about how the public may not learn for some time the darker side of the royal family or the activities of the globalists, particularly with respect to the children because it would leave too many in psychological meltdowns. They’re suggesting 30 –  40 years until this generation is gone and the next generation won’t be emotionally devastated. Alan says what is about to happen is the dissolving of an illusion. This interview took place immediately before the announcement of the passing of QE2 and also discusses the perfect opportunity for a revamping of the financial notes with the Queen’s image on them. 25 min.

Alan Fountain Discusses Queens Death Chess Move with Nicholas Veniamin

Megan Rose also reports that her off-world contact Val Nek of The Federation of Worlds, who communicates directly with her via an implant, says we will not see “first contact” or acknowledgement of the ETs in the next couple of years and explains why. Positive ETs—great. But there are very evil ones who have tried to eradicate us and you can’t tell one side without telling the other and it would be too traumatizing for most people at this point because they’re so brainwashed that there are no ETs, etc. They have no idea who has been running the world. 6 min.

London Bridge and the Victory for the Children

I suspect that is why we have these odd series on SyFy and Peacock like “Resident Alien”. It’s hysterically funny and goofy, but also factual and has a whole lot of disclosure in it. The last episode we watched had a skier in competition with a big “17” on their vest. Qincidence?

The skyward eyes caught a green something-or-other sailing through the sky over Scotland and England. We have heard that if it’s green, it’s a ship. It seems to have some debris behind it, characteristic of a downed ship. Another cabal ship trying to escape justice?

Did I legit just see a shooting star in Motherwell or is that something crashing out the sky?

— Rhiannon Hayes (@RhiannonHayes12) September 14, 2022

NOW Huge fireball meteor spotted over Scotland #Video #Scotland

— NEWS ALL TIME (@NEWS_ALL_TIME) September 14, 2022

Something else from the weird and unexplained files I saw today…

Why does a mosquito have a number stamped on it?🧐🤔

— Bellona (@RomanGoddess72) September 14, 2022

Candace Owens had a horrible experience at a Tennessee hospital with the birth of her child. Part of the treatment of this young mother hinged on insurance and gaming the system. It’s a racket and the threats aimed at this woman by hospital staff are appalling. It’s all about money and not about providing care or safety.

Candace Owens Says Tennessee Hospital Threatened To Call Child Services and Stopped Her From Leaving Until Her Newborn Underwent Tests

How much worse can reality get? This is from a hidden user on Telegram. They are stuck in the dark ages. The whole world knows the truth about the scamdemic except Canadians—my family included.

I’m in Canada and we are still in full Covid mode. Still can’t visit the US without being vaxxed. Still can’t go to work without being vaxxed. And now they want us to update boosters every 90 days! SOS!!!!!

Juan O Savin did a very detailed discussion of the scamdemic agenda, the vaxxines, and the TransHuman Agenda. It was riveting to hear more details on (NEW) JUAN O SAVIN * ADRENOCHROME * WE ARE BEING PROGRAMMED * VACCINES DEATH * MILITARY COMING SOON.  Watch at the link below.


When they say 80 per cent of Congress should be fired, this is one reason why. Where is the integrity? The ethics? How can they look us in the eye? How do they sleep at night?

REVEALED: 97 members of Congress or their families bought or sold stock that may have been a conflict of interest

  • Of the 435 House members, 183 traded stocks through themselves or their immediate family members from 2019 to 2021
  • At least 97 bought or sold stocks, bonds or other financial assets that directly intersected with their congressional work 
  •  The trades that intersect with committee work are split evenly on partisan lines – 49 Republicans and 48 Democrats

I think I’m done for today. See you next time. Stay free.  ~ BP

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