Kat Anonup Update: Mike Lindell, the Pillow Guy, Diana, QE2, Charles, and Trump, “Q” ~ Sept. 14, 2022


ICYMI Ty Farrell farrell Hedges @Farrell_Hedges
The United States corporation 
was under the crown of her majesty.
She is gone publicly now


Abolishes income tax
[No more paying American taxes ‘to the crown’]

Returns Constitutional Law to all courts & legal matters
[No more ‘being called to the U.K. bar’]

Eliminates the Federal Reserve System
[Q301 # Fly Roths Fly # Sweet dreams.]

9-11-22 JUAN O SAVIN 
with Tom Numbers & Rachel RSB

DIANA, death of QE2, Charles & Trump

There’s natural # ‘s that occur & they’re not manipulated
they seem God in Heaven inspired..
There’s also a manipulated # ’s system
where Magicians, Merlins
seek to MANAGE times, dates & seasons..
Those are manipulated with purpose
because the people in this cult trying to run the world
THEY believe they get power from their Gods 
by matching dates, times, Celestial alignments 
& that their Gods honor what they do
& more than honor
that there’s actual physical power
associated with dates, times & seasons..
There’s some Ancient knowledge
that has been passed down generationally for eons
where there was an understanding of the underlying Physics..
It was embedded in certain rituals..
& that was done on the #’s with precision
so later generations could gather that power
& align themselves with it 

POTUS is doing EVERYTHING he can to tell Anons
“YES! Q is real! It’s ALL true! The Military Ops are true!”
Short of admitting HE is Q+ 

Freedom Force Battalion
President Trump put this poster on the conference table 
during a meeting. No one said a word about the poster. 

Notice that
there is no Q pin on his lapel on the poster.
But mysteriously 

there IS a Q on the image 
that President Trump retruthed from patriotsincontrol. 

Curious—PatriotsinControl said 
this was not his TruthSocial account that was retruthed. 

So it looks like President Trump created a 
Patriotsincontrol TS account, 

added a Q to his lapel on the “Storm is Coming” poster, 
posted the image on the new PatriotsinContol TS account
& then retruthed it.

But President Trump knows nothing about Q… 

I think President Trump is trying to tell us 

THE STORM is coming.

https://T.me/FreedomForceBattalion & 

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