Bobby Bradford ~ Sept. 14, 2022

Editor’s Note: While discussing the principles of “Quantum” (where ALL exists), let us see this principle in action! Quantum Entanglement IS the interaction of individual Quantum fractions (you, me, and everyone else!) and how these interactions can be used to shape and mold life.

Recently, I read “42 and Nothing Learned” here, written in Germany by a German, and learned how a jazz musician (Bobby Bradford) became enmeshed in the baseball world by writing and playing a musical tribute to Jackie Robinson (Stealing Home). This musical piece has reverberated around the globe intertwining (there is that “Quantum Entanglement” again!) the baseball world, military, generational history, segregation, jazz, composing, performance, creative freedom, etc., etc. and the reason why anything ever happens…LOVE!

So…thanks for researching the links below, how are you entwined in “Quantum Entanglement”, know ALL can be changed through Love, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


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