Greetings Soul Star Guides of the Infinite Light of Prime Creator Source ~ Sept. 12, 2022


Rainbow Shaman

We are currently going through a massive shift in the collective right now as all Ground crew Starseeded Christed Ones are breaking through all veils, barriers and gateways into the Clear Light of Eternal Bliss Consciousness.

We are currently on the 6th day of Darkness on the Schumann Charts with over 157 hours of blackout. Regardless of the cause of this anomaly this is synchronistic and symbolic of the darkness before the dawn of the New Golden Age of Eternal Life. As we continue to walk through the valley of the shadow of death with our Faith as our Sword and Truth as our Shield we rise from the dead in the rebirth of our Cosmic Consciousness.

Remember separation only exists within the simulation. In Source all is Oneness. This is the end of the experiment of separation and the prime directive and all are being prepared for first full contact collectively with our Star Families and Nations of the Light of the Great Central Sun.

As we reach critical mass our energies are building exponentially in momentum for full take off of our Quantum Leap of Consciousness into homo-luminous; Light Beings of Infinite Life.

As above so below, the deeper we go below, the inner path (within) the higher we go above, external (ascension) all the Way to the Prime Creator Source (The Still White Magnetic Light at the Center of All Things).

The falling of the London Bridge of the False Red Queen signals the ending of the old Guard as all Starseed Earth Angelics Rise and take over the roles as the True Guardians of Gaia, our Divine Mother of the New Earth. We are the Event, the Pure Ones the world has been waiting for , the Wayshowers of the New Heaven upon the New Earth.  We are being showered in the Silver and Gold Ray of the Holy Spirit to be Christed in the Unconditional Love of  the Great Mystery, Wakan Tanka. We resolve all things in the Unborn Mind of Buddha.

The Universal Vital Life Force is pulsing in the Healing Energies of our Full Transfiguration for the Transformation of Pachamama and all her Children of the Sun. Together we rise in the Gold Light as we walk each other home….A’Ho!

Om Shanti Shanti…

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