After the Erbil meeting, Al-Sadr and Al-Kazemi are out of the game and Saleh is at the mercy of negotiations ~ Sept. 12, 2022


Editor’s Note: Why do I include this story about the political goings-on in Iraq? Because once Iraq is politically stable, how their currency is “re-valued” will start the global chain-of-events leading to a complete change in the way we handle money. 

Many view cryptocurrency as being the basis for abundance, and I beleive this is true…but only for certain coins which are gold-backed. I prefer Stellar coins. Other popular coins are set to fail in a BIG kind of way in the near future.

Let us all be aware of the financial abundance which will be available now that the Queen is dead. Long Live Humanity, as we all celebrate as our emerging new FREEDOM, leaving us to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


09/11/2022 20:42 
Baghdad today – Baghdad
After the announcement of the rest of the Alliance to Save a Homeland, namely the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Alliance of Sovereignty, the agreement to restore parliament and form the government with full powers, the differences between these poles with their most important ally, the Sadrist movement, which demanded them to resign from Parliament, clearly emerge, but the agreement means the end of the era of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi is semi-officially passing the framework candidate. 

As soon as Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi and Kurdistan Democratic Party Chairman Masoud Barzani emphasized, today, Sunday, the importance of holding early elections after preparing the legal requirements, including the formation of a government with full authority, the State of Law coalition announced its welcome through a representative of the coalition, Thaer Mikheib al-Jubouri, with the new agreement, calling on Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi. Immediately return to Parliament sessions.

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