Who Is She? … Sept. 11, 2022

Quantum Joy!

Editor’s Note: Well…who is she? I can go for a Romanov, yet I’m also comfortable with Diana wearing a mask appearing to be Melanie. Ah… the moment is nearing for all truths to be told, With either scenario leaving all to Be in…

Quantum Joy!


Anastasia Romanov = Melania Trump’s Grandmother

Melania Trump = Romanov Bloodline

Romanov Bloodline = Russian Royalty

With the Czar Nicholas the Second, of Russia being Anastasia’s father

History tells us the Romanov’s were ASSASSINATED by the Bolshevik’s

➡️ July 16-17, 1918

What they didn’t tell us is that the Bolshevik’s are the Khazarian Mafia Jews

The Romanov’s were EXECUTED for refusing the Rothchild’s Banks

Think Logically…

What if a Romanov SURVIVED?

Melania Trump = Russian

RUSSIAN Sanctions = Unsealed Indictments


It’s Payback time Bitches!

Who caught the Soccer Ball? ⚽️⚽️⚽️


2 thoughts on “Who Is She? … Sept. 11, 2022

  1. Eerie story but I cant see Melania as Diana….a human form changes over time and Diana even with a mask couldnt have the physique and posture that Melania does…..its an interesting conjecture….The Rothchilds/Rockefellers again…historically I’ve read that the Romanovs were cruel and unrelenting to the Russian people but I’m beginning to think that was all a lie to make the communist takeover appear authentic and deserved. The truth of the real culprits involved with 9-11 MUST come out to the public, its been too damned long


    1. I know…yet, Trump proclaiming Melania as “Queen of the World” along with Diana is perplexing. You are right about differing body types. ?? (Aren’t details fun?) 🌹


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