Kat Is The Sea – Sept. 11, 2022

Kat IstheSea3@katisthesea3

 7 hours ago

I believe a wrinkled flag signifies “Traitor.” 🇬🇧🇺🇸



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Kat IstheSea3@katisthesea3

 3 hours ago

In response Fighting Mama to her Publication

👇 Fighting M 🕊️

Juan O Savin
Why was the 9-11 so critical?
Because in the unholy city of WA DC
9-11 in the ancient understanding
is the true birthdate of Christ.
Jesus the Messiah was born on 9-11 3 B.C. 
& there were signs in the Heavens, 
Virgo giving birth at that time.
What happened on 9-11 in modern times?
It was an occult ritual at a very precise time 
where all the # ‘s had to match. 
Could 9-11 have happened on 9-10? No. 
On 9-12? No.
If it happened [on another day] 
it wouldn’t have had the magic
the ritual branding 
to give it the power & strength
they wanted it to have.
Look at David Rockefeller’s Newsweek article.
[Before he even built the Towers
his watch was set @ 9:11]..
On Catholic church buildings carved in stone 
is IXXI = 9-11 the birthdate of Christ.
They wanted to damage this date symbolically.
Inside the cults.. the devil demons can’t stand
to have that date ever honored.
For THEM it’s a perpetual horror date, something evil 🙏


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