Kat Anonup Update: Princess Diana’s Notebook ~ Sept. 11, 2022



Page from Princess Diana’s notebook
in her handwriting

“I am sitting here at my desk today in October,
longing for someone to hug me & encourage me
to keep strong & hold my head high —
This particular phase in my life
is the MOST dangerous —
My husband is planning “an accident” in my car,
brake failure 
& serious head injury
in order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy.
Camilla is nothing but a decoy,
so we are all…” 

Ghost Ezra
“Many that you think are alive are dead
& many you think that are dead are alive…
When you go into witsec 
you immediately get a new identity.
Jfk Jr died on paper that day.
Q told you the truth 
you just had to use both sides of your brain to get it. 
Easy peasy, next.”

Is JFK Jr alive?


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