The Great Test is Happening NOW – This is Why You Feel ((TESTED)) Right Now ~ Sept. 10, 2022


Editor’s Note: Yes, Yes, Yes…NOW (No Other Way) is the moment to allow and receive Who You Are! Yes, you are divine, yet…also beyond divine as BEing a Quantum “fractal” having an Earth experience.

And this Earth experience is the first occurring in this Universe as we all have the opportunity to KNOW our own Quantum nature! Quantum not only “includes” All That Is, it IS “All That IS” giving us the ability to learn all that we are. Christ, and other “Masters” appeared on Earth to urge humanity to learn and experience all that we truly are.

Our experience on Earth is about to be given a “kickstart” as those of the dark limitation and control leave the Earth. Will this happen overnight? My thought is for a process of gradual financial help and opportunity to arise for all on Earth. Will King Charles III aid this process? Perhaps he will, and that is interesting in itself!

So, relax, take a deep breath, and watch as your world changes! You can help this process by actively imaging who you are, and what you desire, and what you intend to return back to humanity with Love, as we ALL experience…

Quantum Joy!


The Great Test is going to be presented to you and will give you an opportunity to fail or fly. You will either experience an ego death or a massive transformation, one that will require you to forsake attachments (take that as figuratively and literally as you can) and the idea of specialness and instead, get powerful and present and engage with your divinity.

2 thoughts on “The Great Test is Happening NOW – This is Why You Feel ((TESTED)) Right Now ~ Sept. 10, 2022

  1. I commend your work on the ego.
    Attending “The Twelve Blessings” was a profound initiation of Truth, in the words of Jesus through Dr. George King (1919-1997), and who founded The Aetherius Society.


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