Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy ~ Sept. 10, 2022


Lighting Bolt and a Beautiful Rainbow






This past week I have been receiving physical

messages and signs that ‘the poison is dead’.

And though at first I thought the signs were mostly


I now understand that their importance was greater.

Code 69-96.

A lot of information is coming up.

She is taking many with her.

Many dark mothers will go too,

those who were keeping the dark codes

and were controlling and feeding off their sons and daughters through the poisonous webs that they had birthed.

The webs are fastly burning by the flames of purification.

These mother spiders are out of here,

along with the fathers that facilitated them.

Their wealth worths nothing,

the true wealth is returning now to earth and it will be seen by all.

This is the crown/CORONA on top of the tower falling down.

The CORONA is returning to the Earth, she is the true owner.

So many will be liberated by this.

Huge change in the physical.

The word monarch means the one archon, the one who is the beginning, the one who comes first.

Monarchy means one beginning,

one government (government means the ability to rule the mind).

This is over.

Humans are called to become the archons of themselves

and at the same time to create one collective government of love,

for the good of all and in the service of all.

I see a multileveled ripping off in the fields, a violent one.

Since she is gone, the codes of black magic have fallen,

they cease to exist here.

Game over.

The codes she was carrying no one else has in order to continue the program.

This is why she stayed to the very last minute in her place

because no one else could hold and feed what she was holding and feeding.

If she tries to get back or be replaced she won’t be able, doors are closed.

She is out of here for good.

This is cleansing and liberation for both the masculine and the feminine on earth.

The world is becoming such a lighter place now.

The true codes are coming up now.

True royalty, true values, true virtue, true fortune, true heritage and True family are returning to step on Earth.

The thieves are leaving.

The worlds are reuniting.

Brothers and Sisters this is it.

Take the balsam that is coming so strongly, it is for your soul.

You are recovering.

Do you remember what happened when you realised the great attack of separation?

When the poison of separation reached you and you went slowly into oblivion?

How the masculine and the feminine were deceived?

The destruction took place in so many worlds.

It was devastating.

How many took the hit….

Lesson taken now.

This your cure now,

for all of you who suffered and endured.

For your brave heart and heroic soul!

Keep steady.

Such a celebration!


The return of Love, Truth and Health!

The Living Ones!



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