Celia Fenn ~ Sept. 10, 2022


99 Portal

9/9 Portal and Full Moon in Pisces

Today is the powerful 9/9 Portal where strong energy flows are experienced.

The primary essence of the 9/9 is our connection with the Compassion and Wisdom of our Angelic families, especially the Elohim. It is a time to recognise that we are Angelic in our essence and that we are here to be Light, Joy and Compassion in Human Form and to help to raise the frequency of the Planet in this grand project of Evolution and Transformation.

But the 9 vibration is also about endings and completion of cycles of events, and with the passing of Queen Elizabeth 2 of England we are experiencing the end of an era that lasted 70 years and spanned from just after world war 2 and in to the 21st century. Her passing actually is part of the massive shift and realignment of energies that is taking place on the Earth in this month of September.

We are also now in the entry energies of the Full Moon in Pisces which is on Saturday 10th. Full Moon in Pisces is a very high frequency and a dreamy energy that lends itself to spiritual connections, again with the Angelic Realms and also the elemental realms. But for those who are not grounded and centered it can be a very unstable and chaotic time.

So, as we move into the week end, please remember to center in your heart often, and breathe deeply and ground yourself by connecting into the Earth.

For those who are connected to their Heart and Soul and to the Earth, this is a most Magical Time. The veils are thin and the connections are strong ! Manifestation is swift and positive ! We are experiencing the New Earth and our connections with our New Earth families and tribes. This is where our focus needs to be at this time!

Love, Joy and Peace to everyone on this 9/9 day!

source: https://www.celiafenn.com

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