What the Heck? – Sept. 8, 2023

THE HANDSHAKE. In plain sight. (thumb over knuckle = Masonic recognition).


It’s very interesting and blows away the doctrine and teachings in the theology schools.

By Melissa Redpill


JG Prophecy has not yet come to pass but is a confirmation Joe Biden died 4 years ago.


Biden’s coffin will be revealed in the White House. They stumble upon the truth and Harris knows, along with many others in this supposed administration. The truth has leaked out. Video evidence has been seen, so now they are scrambling to hide it from the rest of this nation and from the world. But it’s not going to happen. I am blowing the roof off the White House, Capitol building and exposing all the rats inside along with everything they have been hiding. I will unmask “the Biden” in front of the world and all will see who was really behind that mask.


Date is missing from website, website is down today.


Watch the Royal Family as they want her out of the way. Who you might ask? The queen. Prince Charles wants that power now and does not want to wait. The elites and the puppet masters are telling him to get rid of her because their plans are falling apart, and it’s time for Plan B. Charles, you are running out of options. You know they have dirt on you, and they are about to pull your plug. You are losing your grip on the power you have desired your whole life. Your desperation is growing to keep the truth from being revealed to the world concerning what you have done to control England, your country. For what you have done behind the Queen’s back, you know she would take your mantle from you. It would be given to William, your son. You would never have the crown, so you are willing to kill for it. Watch out, Charles, as I rip you from where you sit. You will not get that crown, no, not ever. Because I, the Lord, am taking your freedoms and your power away for the damage you have done globally, for your part in trying to destroy My America and because of what you have done to help the great reset. Everything you hold dear will be taken from you. Judgment is about to strike you down to the ground, and you will not get up from what is coming to you.


Europe: there will be major scandals regarding the Royals, not only regarding Andrew but Prince Charles and the Queen’s sudden death. Yes, I have said to watch the clock tower called Big Ben. It will fall to the ground. Know that Prince Charles is about to take a massive fall for what he has done against the Queen and your Nation. He was part of those who wanted to enslave you. He is a thief and a liar, and he will never get that Crown he killed for. A cleansing of your Nation has begun. So, rejoice! Revival is about to hit your land like never before.


A clock tower will be destroyed in this hour, the one known as Big Ben. This sign is for Prince Charles and the rest of his team that they are coming down just like that. There is no more time for messing around with these people. They want world destruction. Your enemies even contemplated using nuclear warfare to put the world in panic and fear. They are thinking of using anything possible to stop their fall and to stop what they know is coming, which is Me and My Army, which they can not defeat.

NEWS FLASH : Charles succeeds as king immediately

Read: https://insiderpaper.com/charles-succeeds-as-king-immediately/



BREAKING: The Royal Family website crashed following UK Queen’s ‘health concerns’ news



3 thoughts on “What the Heck? – Sept. 8, 2023

  1. I’ve always wondered…why only a thousand years of peace?
    Does something happen after that? I’ve always thought.that was weird.


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