X22 Report — Episode 2868: CBDC Cannot Move Forward While the People are Awake, Must be Done by the Book ~ Sept. 7, 2022


Ep. 2868a – [CBDC] Cannot Move Forward While The People Are Awake, [CB] Loses

The patriots and leaders around the world are now showing the people the true agenda of the [WEF]/[CB]. This was forced on them and they are not doing anything to stop it. The people are awake and their agenda is imploding. The [CB] cannot move to a [CBDC] while the people are thinking logically.


Ep. 2868b – [HRC] Panics, The Storm Is Upon Us, Must Be Done By The Book, We Are Ready

The patriots have now set the stage for what is coming. The [DS] has been brought out of the darkness and they are panicking. [HRC] is now trying to plead her case that her emails were not classified, she is panicking.

Trump sends a message, the storm is coming, Scavino backs it up and then Trump truths and uses the phrase by the book. The people are ready, the storm is about to hit. The [DS] will do stupid things to try to counter it all, this is when it is all exposed.

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