Project Pelican: The secret Obama-era scandal that makes Uranium One look like a parking ticket ~ Sept. 8, 2022


Despite former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claim that the Obama Administration was the “most transparent” administration in history, former President Barack Obama faced a lot of different scandals during his two terms in office and post presidency.

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From Solyndra to Fast and Furious and Benghazi to Emailgate, the Obama Administration was one of–if not the most, corrupt administrations in history. President Obama is also the only president in modern times who had new scandals emerge post presidency.

Most Americans have heard of FISA-Gate, Tarmac-Gate, and Spy-Gate. These are post Obama scandals involving the attempted and ongoing political assassination of President Trump through the Mueller investigation. Additional scandals like the fake Dossier, Fusion GPS and Uranium One have also been brought to light.

However one scandal that the liberal media, the intelligence community, and the Obama Administration has covered up is perhaps the most dangerous, most severe, and most shocking of all Obama era scandals. It is called “Project Pelican.”

In 2014, The Obama Administration secretly awarded a 35-year lease on a strategic military and defense cargo container in Florida’s Port Canaveral to Gulftainer.  Gulftainer is owned by two Iraqi brothers Hamid Jaffar and Dr. Dhia Jaffar–who was a lead nuclear physicist for former dictator Saddam Hussein’s top secret weapons program.

Dr. Jaffar was such a threat to America’s National Security that in 2003 the Pentagon placed Dr. Jaffar on CENTCOM’S “Blacklist” which immediately made him a high valued target for “kill or capture” by U.S. and coalition forces during the Iraq War. If this wasn’t bad enough, Gulftainer was also affiliated with another company called Crescent Investments which has ties to Russia’s state Atomic Energy Corporation-Rosatom which purchased Uranium One!

So let’s recap. Not only did Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton allow the Russians to control 1/5th of our uranium rights, but they also secretly allowed a 35 year lease on our ports to be run and operated by former Saddam Hussein loyalists–including a nuclear weapons expert; and, he did it all without a CFIUS review!

CFIUS, or the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, oversees a process in which all major agreements involving National Security must go through a MANDATORY National Security Threat Assessment and Analysis. This consists of input, suggestions, and oversight from 16 U.S. Intelligence agencies. This review was never done. Barack Obama allowed this deal to go through without a National Security threat assessment.

Why was this deal allowed to go through? Why was it not subjected to a CFIUS review? What implications could it have for our long term National Security? These questions demand answers.

This agreement should be null and void due to the fact that this mandatory protocol was ignored. President Trump should immediately cancel this agreement or any other agreements made by the former administration which did not follow national security protocols and procedures.

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