News Burst 7 September 2022 – Featured News ~ Sept. 7, 2022


  • Scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research ( CERN ) fear they have to shut down particle accelerators to save energy. Europe’s energy crisis threatens to hit the world’s largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), admitted the head of the energy management panel of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Serge Claudet. The agency is now working on contingency plans that could even see the LHC shut down to reduce power consumption during peak hours, it told the Wall Street Journal Sunday.
  • Only one in seven Britons say that Liz Truss will be a better prime minister than Johnson, according to a snap poll by YouGov, with around a quarter of people feeling she will be worse.
  • Liz Truss says she’s ‘Ready’ to press nuclear button. They are considered the most dangerous weapons in the world. Truss was speaking at a hustings event in Birmingham, when host John Pienaar asked her if she would give the order “to unleash nuclear weapons” from Trident. He added: “It would mean global annihilation. I won’t ask you if you would press the button, you’ll say yes, but faced with that task I would feel physically sick. “How does that thought make you feel?” Truss replied: “I think it’s an important duty of the prime minister and I’m ready to do it. I’m ready to do that.”
  • A new foreign policy doctrine based on the concept of a “Russian World”— a conceptual framework used by hardliners to justify intervention in foreign countries with significant Russian speakers—was unveiled by President Vladimir Putin. The 31-page “humanitarian policy” says Russia should “protect, safeguard and advance the traditions and ideals of the Russian World”. The idea was enshrined as the official policy on Monday and presented as a kind of a soft power strategy, reports Reuters news agency. It also states that Russia’s ties with its compatriots abroad allowed it to “strengthen on the international stage its image as a democratic country striving for the creating of a multi-polar world.”
  • Pope Francis is willing to visit Ukraine only if he would have an opportunity to talk directly to the faithful, victims and priests during the trip, Visvaldas Kulbokas, the Apostolic Nuncio to Ukraine, said on Tuesday. According to the nuncio, Pope Francis will decide himself when he should come to Ukraine, and it will be known to “everyone and everywhere.” Earlier in the week, the Pope told CNN Portugal that he could not travel to Moscow or Kiev before his official visit to Kazakhstan scheduled to take place from September 13-15, where the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions is to be held. It was also reported that Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia will not travel to Kazakhstan for the congress and no meeting between him and the Pope is scheduled in near future.
  • Chinese firefighters worked in treacherous terrain to help evacuate more than 11,000 people after a magnitude-6.8 quake struck China’s mountainous southwestern province of Sichuan.
  • President Joe Biden delivers remarks on Labor Day at Henry Maier Festival Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, September 5, 2022. Biden assailed “MAGA Republicans” loyal to former President Donald Trump as he spent Labor Day working to ensure union workers provide strong turnout for Democratic candidates in the November elections.
  • A federal judge agreed to appoint a special master to review records seized by the FBI during its search of Trump’s Florida estate, a move that is likely to delay the Justice Department’s criminal investigation.
  • Finland and Switzerland provided billions in financial support to power companies, as Europe scrambles to secure energy supplies in a deepening crisis sparked by Russia’s move to shut a major gas pipeline. Nord Stream 1 will not resume pumping until Siemens Energy repairs faulty equipment, Gazprom’s Deputy Chief Executive Vitaly Markelov told Reuters.
  • Scientists from the Riken Center for Emergent Matter Science in Japan developed a cyborg cockroach by wiring a tiny backpack with leg-control electrodes into the insect’s organism. The device allowed the scientists to remotely control the legs of the cockroach. The study published in the journal npj Flexible Electronics explains that cyborg insects could be very useful in monitoring the environment, tracking movements, and coordinating search and rescue missions during natural disasters. “Advancements in electronics have resulted in the increasing integration of organisms and machines. The miniaturisation and fabrication of low-power consumption semiconducting chips through micro/nanofabrication have resulted in small-organism cyborgs,” the scientists said in the study.

News Burst 7 September 2022

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