FIFTY8 / Love is Silent – Sept. 7, 2022

It is time to bring clarity to this world.

Did you know that you can change your state of consciousness in any moment? When you sit in silence you are able to register multi-dimensional frequencies available to you. Then you can access electromagnetic realities called thought to create your desired reality. You can create new realities even faster, when you are alone and in silence.

This is why we are bombarded with limited electromagnetic realities that have made us forget our true self – eternal silence and power. But when you take the time to become aware of the programming that runs your life and free yourself of them, you begin the journey back to your true self free from thought, programming and voices.

But the only thing missing is the courage to let go all the contents of the mind as “Me.” Everyone believes the voices in their head to be from their “best friend.” But it is far from it. When you look around you, everyone is reacting to these voices, this programming. Few are aware of their programming called thoughts and have the courage and intellectual training to subdue and undo them. But a new reality is waiting for you once you do. The true reality.

A reality of pure consciousness, creation and abundance. No memories, no past, no pain = no ego mind. We are all born with an inheritance called the human ego. Full of programs, voices and limited realities of pain and emotion. Meditation has been the only way to free myself of this mind. Once you are aware of these illusions called thoughts, you let them go to silence. You know that they aren’t real unless you make them real. Pure belief in self is more powerful than any voice or thought because the feeling of love is silent. It is pure, peaceful and free.

When you are in love and you kiss, it is silent. When you make love, it is passionate. This is our true self. The rest are illusions, control, manipulation and chemicals called emotion that come from the mind and not the heart. The heart only see’s goodness, abundance, freedom and joy. While the mind only see’s lack. Have you spent time to be with yourself and see who is controlling who? Do you identify with the mind or heart? Now is the time to free yourself.

To truly change the world is to listen to the silence of your heart and not the voices of the mind.

Billy Rood / Creator of FIFTY8

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