Femke Sjoukje ~ Sept. 7, 2022


~ Okay, now there is a blackout for hours.

Let’s summarize the highlights of how we got there.

In the past few days we have had alternating delta waves and gamma waves that have allowed us to become aware ( gamma waves) and to see with new eyes and in a new light, people and situations that until now we had evaluated differently. We experienced moments of sleep-dreaming and moments of awakening-a true illumination of reality, our new reality.

Precisely because it seems new, it can be destabilizing, even though it had always been there. Now we simply SEE. And those signals on the 20Hz in the darkest darkness, but also present in the past few days though in a less obvious way, were there to give us strength, to sustain us, to protect us from the lower frequencies of 19Hz ( frequency of fear), to create a shield between our new found powerful essence and the old dynamics of fear just as the change and awakening was happening. The signal is clear: you are strong and powerful and can achieve what you want by being in joy, love and cooperation.

The signal remained present even in the last hours before the blackout and was even illuminated with white light. Other horizontal white strokes were added to it, an indication of other information aimed at increasing our awareness more.

Now the blackout to stop and reflect, to have time to look back and see what really happened. We could have missed it in the rush to forecast, to grow, to solve problems. The solution has already been given to you, it was there and it is here,now. You don’t have to look for it. You already have it. See. Look.

Schumann Resonance

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