Trump brands Biden ‘enemy of the state’; Trump second term ~ Sept. 5, 2022


Editor’s Note: Umm…isn’t the designation as “enemy of the state” a legal definition? According to 50 USCS § 2204 [Title 50. War and National Defense; Chapter 39. Spoils of War], enemy of the United States means any country, government, group, or person that has been engaged in hostilities, whether or not lawfully authorized, with the United States;

(3) the term “person” means

(A) any natural person;

So…this means as Commander-in-Chief of US Miltary forces, Biden can be removed “at will” for treason. Just wanted to clarify President Trump’s language, allowing reasons for us to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | September 4, 2022: Former Commander-In-Chief, Donald Trump, has labeled the US president an “enemy of the state,” after Joe Biden delivered his hostility speech on Friday targeting Trump and his supporters, and was seen as the “most vicious, hateful and divisive ever delivered” by an American leader to date.

Biden targets Trump directly, characterizing the former president and his supporters as representing “an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” And said, “That’s why tonight, I’m asking our nation to come together, unite behind the single purpose of defending our democracy, regardless of your ideology.”

On Saturday speaking at a rally in Wilkes-Barr, Pennsylvania, the former president accused Biden of having “vilified” the 71 million voters who supported Trump during the 2020 presidential election. As news ramblings continue about stealing votes from the Republicans to elect the Democrat number 46. Trump said, “He’s an enemy of the state, if you want to know the truth. The enemy of the state is him and the group that control him which is circling around him,” and accused Biden of being “cognitively impaired and in no condition to lead our country.”

Although it was already said, about Trump supports being extremists, on Friday Biden backtracked on his remarks about MAGA, saying that he does not “consider any Trump supporter to be a threat to the country.” ( If Trump had said the same about ANTIFA the collective media would have been uptight for days. What is being unveiled now is the beginning of what could erupt into an “uncivil war” [i.e., person to person verbal and physical attacks] into a full-blown “civil war” [i.e., people taking sides physically fighting over political ideologies].) …

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 1, the free PDF book: Download and read about: America falls yet into two civil wars, page 1486. Two Terrible Civil Wars Will Break Out In America, page 667. US Civil Wars, page 693. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format Links: Book Summary – Volume 1 | and Download Book – Volume 1)

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