Merging Your Timeline Frequency – Sept. 4, 2022

We have been hearing a lot lately about timelines, merging, potentials, frequencies, and everything that makes up our lives. We are truly in a unique time in history where can consciously live in different frequencies.  For so many, we lived most of our lives in the 3rd dimension, with some shifting upwards in the 4th.  This shift was felt as expanded love, greater potential, and looking at the world from new perspectives.  Since about 2005, there was a greater influx of energy from the 5th dimension, which was then amplified in the year 2012 and since then.  When you stop to think about it, there have been massive changes in a short period of time. 

During this journey, when we arrived in the All That Is, we could see there were many, many more people than had been in the past.  I believe this is an indicator of the many changes taking place. This frequency of the All That Is that was for a few is now expanding because so many more are seeking it as a place of creation. 

We first looked at our lives as if we looked backward on a timeline.  For most, this was a view of this life.  When we first opened to ‘see’ it, there were many ups and downs.  We then looked to the side to see our lives from the 5th dimension or a higher frequency.  This time, our lives looked different. Some events didn’t show up, and others looked different. This was now perceived as if through a filter of love and light.   By looking from a new perspective, we could all heal what no longer worked for us or any stuck energies. We then merged the two and ended with a blend of old/ new realities creating a change.  

This is a powerful way to move forward in your life and heal the past.

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