Kat Anonup Update: Publicly Verified “Q” ~ Sept. 4, 2022


katisthesea3 @katisthesea3

In the past 2 weeks

President Trump has PUBLICLY verified for Anons
that yes, Q exists—it’s all true.

That the last 5-years of our lives
decoding, digging & posting the TRUTH
living on FAITH
& losing family, friends & colleagues
by refusing the vax, taking Ivermectin,
quitting our jobs, not paying taxes,
or continuing to participate in the demon matrix
any way we can, 
has not only been worth it to us personally
but an essential component 
in the worldwide Great Awakening movement.

After WW2, members of THE RESISTANCE
regular citizens fighting back in German-occupied countries,
were celebrated & respected.

Now, as we learned, America & the world
have long been occupied by deep state demons,
& Global Anons with Q’s guidance
plus many blazing Patriot voices—have fought back.

On 8-30-22 President Trump re-Truth’d Q11
& last night, 9-3-22,
the closing songs for his rousing speech
were titled: “Wwg1wga & I am Q” 


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