It’s Go Time…Sept. 4, 2022

👇Mel Gibson was one of the first to EXPOSE Pedophilia and SATANIC occults in the Hollywood ELITE ring.. And now this..a film about the ROTHSCHILDS




The Lizard may decide to never return to London in what would be a “stark message”, according to a royal expert.

She was last spotted in public on July 21 disembarking a plane at Aberdeen airport.

Because the corporation of London the financial arm of the world has been completely dissolved. Never has a new PM been appointed in Scotland! If it’s death is announced in Scotland then it’s ‘Operation Unicorn’. I know it’s different laws between England and Scotland. And if text books and much research from many sources are right about the truth about Israel then if Queen dies in Scotland then she dies in Israel and the real Jerusalem being Edinburgh (I’ve just started digging on this). ‘Operation Unicorn’ she lays to rest in St Giles Edinburgh – St Giles Cathedral being the knights of thistle. The Thistle was one of Jerusalem’s Emblems.

We are saving Israel for last.

Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.


I might be totally off the mark. Just trying to join dots…..


JUST IN: Successful rescue mission of dog and owner from cliffs at Fort Funston, California.

Be safe out there this Labor Day weekend.


Four feared dead after private jet ‘carrying a family’ crashes into the Baltic Sea after ‘rapidly losing altitude’ off the coast of Latvia – sparking NATO to scramble jets

The question is…who was on the plane?


‘My dad has Parkinson’s and was forced to wait in a five-hour line:’ Furious flyers blast airlines as they’re left stranded over Labor Day weekend as hundreds of flights are canceled due to MORE staffing issues

More than 1,000 flights coming into, leaving or traveling within the United States on Sunday were delayed and another 127 were canceled completely


Can’t Make This Up… US Military Recruited Adam Kinzinger to Join Sh*t-Posting Team to Push Back Against Russian Online Propaganda With Japanese Dog Photos

More Dog Comms👀🤣🔥


Last few days…..👀💥

-2 days ago Russia completely shut down the Nord Stream line to Europe which means the Gas costs will Sky rocket which will add to the financial system to crash.

-Then yesterday Ukraine Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant lost its connection to its last remaining main external power line and will continue to supply the electricity grid via a reserve line.

-60% of factories in the U.K. will shut due to high energy prices

-#pedohitler and #satanist trend on Twatter straight after Chyna Bidens Nazi speech.

-After the Nazi speech the Biden Administration announced that Skippy (John Podesta) will be joining the White House team as senior advisor to Pedo Biden.

-‘My Son Hunter film’ released.

-Trump calls out Bidens late stage Dementia.

-We find out that the Biden admin held weekly censorship meetings with social media giants to suppress COVID and vaccine speech.

-Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Launches Lawsuit Against FDA…

-Massive blockages in the Mediterranean Sea this week.

-Major Strikes continue in the U.K.

-British Pound has the biggest monthly fall against the dollar since 2016

-Lizard Queens health continues to decline.

-Dan Scavino posting Dog Comms

-Trump said last night at his rally he was sweating like a Dog.

-Fake Biden posting picture of his dog today.

-Chuck Grassley posting pictures of Corn being ready to harvest

-Trump last night at his rally played the WWG1WGA and I am Q songs whilst talking about the precipice as you could hear a storm behind him.

My conclusion….

It’s Go time🔥🍿

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