GFL – ‘Shocking Arcturian Message to Humanity’ – Q & A – What Is The Purpose Of The Human Race? Answered Here – The Time Is Right For You To Know (Video) ~ Sept. 4, 2022


GFL – ‘Shocking Arcturian Message to Humanity’ – Q & A – What Is The Purpose Of The Human Race? Answered Here – The Time Is Right For You To Know (Video)

(submitted by a GFL Commander)

Elizabeth April
3 weeks ago

We are more than you know. This knowledge has been kept from you all your life. Now it is time to learn the truth. The GFL have decided the time is right to disclose this information to humanity.

We are the future masters of the universe and we have the abilities no others do to manifest & create with the power of intent. Time to wake up the sleepers and get this show on the road.

If this video disturbs you…it is not for you so disregard and go back to sleep.

Timelines explained and who runs this place. How you are being manipulated to create your own prison planet.

Click here for Video: >>>

18 thoughts on “GFL – ‘Shocking Arcturian Message to Humanity’ – Q & A – What Is The Purpose Of The Human Race? Answered Here – The Time Is Right For You To Know (Video) ~ Sept. 4, 2022

  1. Interesting, as an old member of The Aetherius Society can see how it is. In the postwar years this planet was attacked and saved by the sacrifices of Alien Adepts.
    The turning point was ‘The Primary Initiation of Earth”, July8th.1964,in a Cosmic metaphysical manipulation of Solar Power.
    I believe the foundations of The New Age have been made, a glorious future for those who will create it.

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  2. And we will, evil has throughout my life, been trying to strip love out of my heart.
    Failed it has every time. Love thy enemy but do not allow it’s actions to define you into it’s demise. This wisdom of ages in pieces delivered from generation to generation has power beyond the weakness of the evil intent. It stands strong in my mind and my heart that evils time is done. Love ❀️ Is king πŸ‘‘ understanding it’s strength. Joy is it’s reward.

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  3. Don’t matter, since, when first contact occurs, I am PURGING all the human elements (contamination, I feel) from my genetic makeup, amongst other things.

    I see NO benefit in being human over alien, and I want, no, I NEED to be restored to what I was before I was forced against my will to incarnate as a human, as a man and on this prisoners of war camp of a planet.

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    1. Why are ETs in charge of humanity? Why did they allow the Draco’s and other malevolent races including A.I. to infiltrate and.pose as Gods enslaving humanity and allow stupid world leaders to contract with these races in exchange for tech ology?
      From what Cosmic Agency said that the GFL was involved with the technology of those insidious bioweapon jabs they rolled out killing and injuring millions…while probably not all of them are bad I don’t wish to contract with alien factions or organizations that watch us, toy with us, manipulate us via religion or our DNA and am aware we came from lyra after the wars there. I suppose I have little trust in these off worlders that don’t possess the emotion body or understanding of family since they are so evolved but making decisions and contracts pretending to be the good guys….much le democrats vs republicans…two sides of the same coin so who watches the watchers?


      1. FUCK Cosmic Agency. That Pollyanna, Gosia, keeps screaming prime directive and won’t show her contacts.

        I have FAR more trust for ALIENS than I do humans, and I’m giving up both my humanity as well as my masculinity, neither done me good.
        And here’s what’s happening, according to Cobra: Also, it’s CONFEDERATION, not Federation.

        Also, after a year, wipeout sequence 8 is over, and 9 is beginning. I heard 9 is the final sequence.
        Wipeout sequence 8 complete, wipeout sequence 9 in progress

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      2. Hmm…good question! My take is that a few humans (β€œenough” whatever that is) now are able to BE aware of the polarity we exist in. Good/Bad, black/white, Right/Wrong, and are able to lift their consciousness out of this β€œgame” on Earth.
        They (including Me), embrace living as a Quantum experience where all things are possible! We, as humans, have not been taught (1) Who We Are, (2) What We Can Do, nor (3) How to β€œDo It”’

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      3. Hence another reason, of many, why we need the ET’s.
        The darkies raped out DNA, installed plasma implants in us, etc. Resulting in short lives, aging, prone to disease and injury, and cut off from source.

        I’ve yet to see ANYONE suddenly becoming all Dragon Ball Z on the darkies.

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      4. @Cindy
        Ummm, no. We need ALIEN help. No way in HELL will humans get better on their own, nor can humans defeat the dark ET’s on their own.

        We need DIRECT contact.

        Also, as I mentioned, I want to GIVE UP my humanity.

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      5. Well Neil, it’s your right to feel and see things how you want. Not judging but all we humans want, at least in my case is truth, and control over our journey and experiences. Humanity as well as other species have been invaded and manipulated so not humanities fault but with this in mind and what the Arctirians as the GFL is involved with making decisions based on a non-emotional or human nature to direct humanity in our progress.
        If they had a human experience they may understand better I just want to not be deceived or manipulated and understand the power humans have as was stated in the video of the unique nature of this experiment (their words).
        If you go to the and watch the many remote viewings of past events, especially ones that wiped out much of humanity like Noah’s Ark, you see that they have orchestrated these events not caring about the lives thru destroyed posing as God and this is why I have little trust in aliens as a han I wish to be informed and to choose my experiences in communion with source as individual harmony not harming others but I don’t care to be grouped into humanity as a collective based on their inability to critically think for themselves dragging humanity along thru their manipulated and mind controlled experiences.
        I suppose this is why there is a split. Whether you appreciate cosmic agency or not they have told some truths many didn’t want to hear…for example when Trump was running for the second term and cosmic agency said he would lose but out of the two candidates it would be better if he won although the group he is part of maybe not aware is not good but s better choice than Biden. They never clarified the group he was part of but then Kim Goguen said after the election that Trump and Pence had joined the black sun group. She said right before the election he was offered a higher position in the new world order so he was to lose the election but then right after Trump changed his mind and decided he wanted to be president and the black sun group told him he didn’t deserve to be president….that’s how they operate…offer power and money to people then when they don’t do as their told they lose it all.
        The black sun group is at war with the Sanhedrin group for control of the world in their new world order. These dragon families that according to their color as Ben Fulford speaks of the white dragon Asian group, who think they should be in charge of humanity,each group controls the corresponding dimension by the color of the chakra they are. I believe the chakra system to be part of this matrix control system like an electronic leash and that our original energy body was like a cocoon white light egg shaped energy body with our twelve strand DNA activated and in full power of our manifestations most unaware that they keep us in the root chakra which governs our fight or flight survival instincts and financial flow of abundance.
        I enjoy being human except the painful parts and not being able to choose experiences consciously. I certainly don’t care for the aliens who don’t possess an emotional body to be making decisions on our behalf but finding out we’re just an experiment like lab rats and so how long before humanity puts on their big boy pants and starts creating a place where no manipulation occurs or a collective decision over others who probably created the split and wish to govern themselves and not being controlled via technology.
        So who is cobra. I’ve heard of him but back then there was so much talk of him also not being forth coming or the agendas behind the agendas….I’m ready for some quantum joy like you said Cindy. Humanity wake up and put your big boy pants on and be self governing. I get the polarity of this matrix and know we need energetically to get out of the daisy of death construct and into the eternal lotus of life open system. I figured out long ago that entropy causes aging that this closed system they have us in and farming their loosh for them to feed. We have been disconnected from source so if we merge the prana tubes and chakras then we can connect to source directly or we can remove the chakras and get out of the reincarnation trap by going thru the sun and not thru the tunnel and false light where you’re told you have to go back and you won’t remember…so never again will I agree to come here without memories in tact….I’m sure I thought I could overcome it all and maybe eventually I will. I’m just ready for this shit show to end. That is all ..expose it and let the truth out. Never liked being spoonfed as if I couldn’t handle the truth….humanity wake the hell up already. This sucks to watch.


      6. man will never wake up on their own. and I HATE being human, I HATE being a man. Ill be happy to give up being both ASAP.

        you can find cobra interviews online.

        the reincarntion trap will only end once the darkies are destroyed.

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  4. Well that’s not true,.humanity would wake up if their technology was removed from the malevolent races that have controlled humanity. I was always deep down knowing something wasn’t right here, especially with religion. These races have known the power we have which is how they get us to create this situation using the Bible like a script. I grew up in the Bible belt and still don’t understand why people believe in religion. I fully woke up once I started seeing 11:11.
    We’ve been so heavily manipulated by technology and our DNA that you may be right that some may not wake up with out help or maybe never which is why there’s a split.
    I suppose many of us came just for experiencing this event where humanity does something never done before
    It’s been growth thru pain but moving into growth thru grace. I’d like to get onto the grace part and don’t wish to be dragged down by the sleepers.
    Question Neil…do you remember most of everything when you were alien woman? Have you considered writing a book about it?


    1. @Muse
      LACK of technology is a reason the sheeple are sheeple. When in permanent survival mode, one has no chance to wake up. I saw a meme that said it perfectly: We see a man like we’d see in sunday comics, locked in a jail cell. Outside the bars are a loaf of bread and a key to the cell. The man’s shaking arm is reaching for the BREAD, not the key.

      And I did NOT chose to come here, the Archons chose FOR me. I was probably an alien warrior, like Samus Aran from the Metroid games, killed..tortured and forced to incarnate on this P.O.W. camp of a planet and, as an extra ‘gift’, put into the body of a human, and worse, a MAN. We’re not all here by choice. When living in Detroit as a kid, we has a saying “No one CHOOSES to come to Detroit, you’re just BORN here.” And Earth is the Detroit of the galaxy.

      I don’t remember all, but enough. And WHY bother with a book? What good would it do me?

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      1. They have technology to create stats and have orchestrated pole shift for extinction level events like the world flood and Noah like the past pole shifts the Hopi speak about us going into the fifth sun. They say a pole shift the earth stops rotating and creates tsunamis while the sun will not come up for three days and nights and the other side burns up. Then the sun use to come up in the west and set in the east. These people shifts were said to be caused by our consciousness but now I think it was all a technical thing they have done…now if humanity had their technology then they would never have been successful at invading us and turning it into a closed system.
        Why not write a book? I think people would read your story and that writing is therapeutic in a way so what good would it do? What would it hurt? Archons are the dark essense A I . Telling your story could bring to light more of those just like you. So why not?


      2. Not gonna bother telling my story….what’s it going to accomplish? Nothing. I HATE being a human and I REALLY hate being a man…how is that going to ‘bring light’? Only the advanced alien tech that can change our bodies will fix this.

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  5. Ok…it was just a thought that many would love to read your story and perhaps others like you might not feel alone in that they too were sent here not by choice.
    I hope you get to go and fix that in the very near future.


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