We Are At Our Final Hour – Sept. 3, 2022



When you fight you throw a ONE – Two .

Here is my ONE – My Two is after Labor Day! #sosmaras


Did it occur to anyone else that Jean-Pierre dressed in the same color scheme as the Satanic speech stage, or is that just me?


What if


Get the Roosevelt Terms ?

3 Terms

Roosevelt had his 12 years

Because of the Voting


An absolute rare situation…

from the official view…


Martial Law.


We are at our final hour



Ever wonder why it is that no matter how hard you try…you just can’t ‘shake’ your family and friends awake?

Ever been amazed to find that someone will wake up…only to go back to sleep in a few days, or weeks, or months?

Ever marvelled at how someone who seemed to be fully on board with Stellar, does a complete about-face, and destroys their wallets, self-sabotaging their abundance?

This is all due to the shaking…

We are Energy Beings. We emit vibrations. A vibration is a thought that you have entertained long enough that it ellicits an emotional response.

When you return to a thought, and continue to reflect on it, the vibration becomes PRACTICED…and your practiced vibrations begin to draw *everything* that is of a similar vibration into your experience.

In other words, it doesn’t take long for the EVIDENCE of your VIBRATION to show up in your life. (A perfect example of this is how many orange cars I’m seeing…I have orange activated in my vibration…and the Universe is MATCHING my vibration with oh, about every third car on the road now.) 🤣

Your vibration is of your own choosing. You could say that energetically, it is your free will being expressed. And no one and NOTHING can rock your vibration!

That’s why your family and friends cannot ‘hear’ you when you try to share with them. Your vibrations don’t match.

People go back to sleep because their old practiced vibrations become stronger than their new found ones…because they revert back to thinking the same old way.

Others become fearful that they have been duped, and allow FUD thoughts to overwhelm them. The result is that they become convinced that Stellar is a scam, and they destroy their wallets/abundance.

Vibrations HAVE to match. It is universal LAW.

So when people leave your experience, see it for what it is – you are simply no longer a vibrational match! Takes ALL the drama out of the situation.

The shaking is nothing more than vibrations matching.

This is why it is SO important to keep your vibration AS HiGH AS POSSIBLE. Because vibrations ARE matching; we are seeing the evidence of it faster than ever before. ❤️❤️❤️


One of the most articulate defenses of MAGA I’ve ever heard.



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