The Soul Self – Dr Schavi – Sept.3, 2022

There is much discussion in these intense time lines upon Earth/Gaia about the need to connect with the SOUL—our HIGHER SELF.

Let us explore this mystical wisdom.

The word “SOUL” is expressed in many languages.

For example, in ancient Medu Neter, it is the word “BA” and was depicted as a high-flying bird. In Sanskrit, it is the word “Atman”.

In Arabic it is “Nafs”, and in Hebrew it is “Nefesh”.

In the EMERALD TABLET penned by Tehuti (Thoth), translating the Medu Neter into English, we find this teaching: “The SOUL has consciousness, intellect, and immortality”.

Apart from the physical vessel, the SOUL is an immaterial essence, and “essence” is a vibration—an oscillation or movement of energy or life force.

Some people relate the word “essence” to “fragrance”, but even this has a vibration which causes a particular feeling.

Thus, the SOUL is a “repository” of energy (life force) and a house of “records” and is in alignment at all times with the DIVINE unless people consciously choose to disconnect from it which is allowed via free will.

A “repository,” as mentioned above, is where something is entrusted that is of value.

The Soul Self - Soul Consciousness

Soul Consciousness

The Soul Self

To be in “alignment” with something is to be “on the side of” or “in harmony” with it.

“Records” are known facts of sound, sight, and deed. Consequently, our SOUL is forever ongoing— birthed by SOURCE—and is our true LIFE FORCE.

It can have “Tihar” (a Hebrew word for “Brilliance”) or it can have “Klippot” (a Hebrew word for “Chaos”, “Disharmony”)—the same definition as the ancient Medu Neter word “Isfet”.

Thus, the SOUL makes choices. It is only our HIGHER SELF when we are actually “consciously” anchored to SOURCE—not just because we have a physical vessel.

The word “Spirit” is also often used to express LIFE FORCE. It is from the Latin term “spiritus” which translates as “breath”.

We take in oxygen through the breath, but it is even more than this.

We can breathe in SOURCE FREQUENCY through our breath, and thus, in this sense, SOURCE breathes into us.

With SOURCE being the INFINITE PRESENCE, and therefore, immortal, then our SOUL and SPIRIT is as well, and we are indeed the SOUL AND SPIRIT OF THE ETERNAL LIGHT (again, however, only if we choose to be).

Does this indicate that there are persons walking around without a Soul? No.

It illustrates that there are people who have disconnected from their original DIVINE ESSENCE which manifests as disharmonious thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. ‘the SOUL has become “out-of-order”.

The Soul Self - Divine Realm

Divine Realm

The Soul Self

There are times, because we are on a planet that is being engrossed in “3d” chaos that is being cleansed off of it, when we may have thoughts and feelings of disharmony due to some situation or event—either global, national, or individual.

However, if we are usually the kind of person who is in daily contact with SOURCE via sacred rituals such as prayer, meditation, mantra-chanting, etc., then we can move back into alignment with SOURCE FREQUENCY, and in fact, SOURCE helps us to do so.

Thus, “ITS” will becomes our will. When people insist on rivaling SOURCE, however, because they either do not believe in “IT” or think that they are a special creation that is meant to somehow govern the world, this is when hatreds arise; when wars begin; when famine is caused; when toxicity of water, soil, and air develops due to misuse of Nature.

SOURCE does not force “ITSELF” upon anyone, but “IT” does offer opportunities for a consciousness-transfer, for an elevation to HIGHER KNOWLEDGE—the wisdom of the DIVINE REALMS.

Our physical vessels are particular “planetary suits” comprised of the very substances of the stars of our solar system so that we can navigate through this material realm.

They are various colors, shapes, thicknesses, hair textures, etc.

It is a sad truth that human history has separated itself from others due to these differing colors, shapes, etc., and SOURCE is not pleased.

As a verse in the HOLY QU’RAN states: “I made you different that you might know one another, not despise one another”.

Of course, sound judgement, self- discipline, and discernment are necessary in daily affairs, for even these assist with spiritual development in these times of the “Twilight of “Kali Yuga” (the “Age of Chaos”) as discussed in the Vedic scriptures.

The Italian mystic and Kabbalist Rabbi Moses Luzzatto once taught: “There exists a way of gaining knowledge called “ruach ha-kadosh” (Holy Spirit) which concerns future events and hidden secrets”.

The letter REISH is linked to “ruach ha-kadosh” for it vibrates to HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS—the SOUL. While we ponder the events occurring on our planet as well as the cosmic forces that are sending enormous amounts of LIGHT such as solar flares, coronal mass ejections, etc., let us consider our connection to SOURCE.

Let us, thus, consider our SOUL. Let us also realize that all sacred texts (though mankind has tampered with many of them adding particular cultural concepts that have nothing to do with DIVINE REVELATION) contain DIVINE KNOWLEDGE—some more than most.

As an ancient Chinese proverb which has been given in earlier articles teaches: “There are many paths up the mountain, and when we get to the top, we all see the same Moon.”

The Soul Self - Path To The Top

Path To The Top

The Soul Self

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