September 3: Movie Night in America [videos] ~ Sept. 3, 2022


The ‘movie’ playing in the alternative/real news in America is painful for the awakened. How could it be any worse? The memes underscore the absurdity used to slash through the stupor much of the population is mired in and while it helps to laugh, patience is wearing thin. It appears even the corporate media is too embarassed to cover the Resident’s message to America.

The warlock effect doesn’t escape us as the perceived leader of the nation invokes hellfire and damnation for the conservative fascists.

That actor [if what we’re told is true] should get an academy award for these memorable performances.

Struan Rodger

Someone who DID get an award was patriot and remarkable Human Being Mike Lindell.

They Just Bestowed Mike Lindell With An Absolutely Amazing Honor!

President Trump is doing a RALLY in Pennsylvania this evening at 7 pm EDT and you can watch on Rumble if you wish. Here’s an article with video.

ALL TIME HIGH: Massive Crowds For Trump’s Historic PA Rally [VIDEOS]

I found it amusing to hear this news from NASA because I have my own interpretation of the events. Artemis is the same goddess as Diana. August 31st was the anniversary of the alleged death of Princess Diana. We understand the White Hats may have preempted that attempt to murder her as they did with JFK Jr. and probably others.

Personally, I see the cancellation twice over of the Artemis rocket launch as a taunt to the cabal that they failed to eliminate Princess Diana. I could be completely wrong, but that is where my thoughts go. Think “Space Force”, and upside down/mirror. Possible? Perhaps.

JUST IN – NASA cancels launch of Artemis I lunar rocket for the second time in a few days due to technical problems. Read more here.

JUST IN – NASA cancels launch of Artemis I lunar rocket for the second time in a few days due to technical problems.


Dr. Anthony Fauci the mass murderer did a television interview this week in which he made it painfully clear he took Paxlovid for his repeated Wu Flu relapses. He said it multiple times and wanted the audience to believe that by taking it his symptoms were lessened and he recovered faster—except he didn’t recover. He keeps testing positive with a test that doesn’t test for Covid. Go figure.

They want us all to be paranoid about getting ill and turn to drugs as a first line of prophylaxis and treatment AND CURE. They want Big Pharma to run our lives and profit from our suffering. How many people still fall for this?

“Game-changer” Paxlovid turns into pandemic enigma

David Icke did a fabulous monologue on the scamdemic and what the psychopaths have accomplished with it. He is so right on it hurts when he brings us back to two years ago when they were murdering our seniors. No, he doesn’t have good things to say about Trump but that’s his stance. Maybe he hasn’t been read in, or perhaps it’s the role he’s been asked to play. It doesn’t mean he isn’t correct about the rest. We know he is. The whole scamdemic IS “mass murder”.

David mentions the ‘fast-acting, aggressive cancers” recorded after the jabs. My 7 yr. old Golden Retriever went downhill from cancer very quickly after his rabies shot and our close friend died in just a few months of cancer. She had the jab and a booster. If you don’t believe there is a criminal element to this plandemic, you need to hear this overview from David Icke. 1 hr. 7 min.

Have you heard about David’s new book, “The Trap”?

Now These Psychopaths Must Face The Consequences Of Their Mass Murder – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

David is indeed correct when he says the world is run by psychopaths and administered by idjits.

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf beginning to see the light: Just a Long-Winded Way to Say Fascism

We are witnessing an uprising of the elite against the people

And speaking of “light”, there’s an interesting trend at CNN since Chris Licht took over. [how do you pronounce that name? Qincidence?]

Is there a purge underway at CNN? Is it only about making shareholders happy, or something else? Chris Licht?

CNN staffers are ‘terrified’ that new boss Chris Licht is launching a purge of the woke after Brian Stelter and John Harwood were unceremoniously fired – as network tries to win back ‘most trusted name in news’ title

Who are they trying to kid? No one with half a brain will ever trust CNN again. Ever. Kiss it goodbye. It’s not only that they lie and spoonfeed the masses propaganda. Wait until people learn how many sexual perverts work there. The world has no idea how rampant these civil rights abuses and Human trafficking sexual crimes are.

#humantrafficking @CalgaryPolice #ctv #cbc #global arrest #MICHAELGALLANT pedo catholic school teacher raped 6 year old threatening family that reported and stole their kids

— Agent Blusky (@AgentBlusky) September 2, 2022

Saturday night at the movies could mean an interview with Brad Olsen. This is another from Patriot Underground from January 22, 2022. I really enjoyed the latest one I shared, as I said. If you would like to hear the perspective on the following, check it out.

Searching for the Hidden Truth
MK Ultra History: How it Led to Mass Formation Psychosis
Operation Paperclip/Mockingbird
Neo Fascism Has Led to the Great Awakening
Why All Roads Lead to Antarctica
Operation Highjump
Hidden History of UFOs
The 4th Reich’s True History
Secret Space Program
Solar Warden
Non-Terrestrial Intel: Reptilians, Greys, Vril
Escaping Prison Planet

Brad Olsen Interview

I had to close with this little video so I hope you are on Telegram. I howled when I saw it. The wee beasties go like the dickens on these saucer wheels and I think I need one for my puppy. Link to Telegram. Sound on. The comment is below:

Nowhere to hide


Signing off for today. I usually listen to Trump’s address at his rallies. Maybe he’ll do an ‘air Q’ but fortunately for me he will probably be 17 minutes late, or something meaningful.  ~ BP

6 thoughts on “September 3: Movie Night in America [videos] ~ Sept. 3, 2022

  1. STOP calling this a ‘movie’. One can always change channels, disks, or leave the room for movies. This is a WAR….therefore, CALL it a war.


    1. I’m not the one that labeled it a movie…they did…yell at the cuz they are the ones saying they got it all don’t worry it’s a movie to wake up the sleepers the white hats are in control we won already….if it’s a eat then they aren’t in control now are they?


      1. If it’s a war…typo there, and people are wearing masks arrested and tribunals and Trump is in charge and white hats in control and Biden isn’t him just an actor…then it’s a movie like the call it. Actors do movies and tv shows.
        So they keep telling us it’s a movie to wake up the sleepers…haven’t you heard…they all have been arrested and executed…it’s only a war for the minds of the brainwashed sheeple that believe that is real the character playing Biden….sorry but not my words.


      1. NO, it is NOT a fucking ‘movie’!

        WHY does there have to be a purpose? WHY is it soooooo hard for you folks to comprehend the mere concept that not all of us are here by choice? That free will actually is NOT respected and recognized by all?

        Here, read this:

        And to those who don’t wanna read the whole thing, here’s the important bit:
        ” To start preparing for the post-Event and post-Contact society, the Pleiadians have asked me to release intel about soul families.

        Soul families are created when a group of Souls emerges from undifferentiated monadic essence and enters this universe through a seventhdimensional portal of the Galactic Central Sun, either in this galaxy or any other galaxy in the universe.

        Millions of highly evolved Souls that are now incarnated on the surface of this planet have mainly entered this universe either through the Galactic Central Sun in this Galaxy or its sister galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy.

        They have then gained their experience by traveling throughout the Galaxy through higherdimensional light filaments that crisscross the Galaxy and later focused their consciousness by gaining experience in portal star systems such as Pleiades, Aldebaran, Sirius, Arcturus, Vega (alpha Lyrae), Tau Ceti…

        At some point in their evolution path they have encountered Galactic Wars and they got involved and this is their main reason they found themselves on Earth.

        Either they made a conscious decision to enter the Quarantine Earth to anchor the Light and help the Light forces to liberate the planet, or they have simply wandered into a dangerous zone in the Galaxy without fully understanding the risk and got caught by the Archons in the interdimensional scalar net, dragged to Earth and forced into reincarnation cycle.”

        That past paragraph, fits me to a TEE.
        Cindy, FUCK the ‘purpose’, and DOUBLE FUCK the ‘experience’. (‘purpose’ or ‘experience’ or ‘mission’ just takes the guiltiness off the dark forces and slams the blame to the one the darkies harmed….something extremely common in the new age mentality) NO experience is worth THIS much PAIN…and there is no such thing as ‘purposeful suffering’, suffering only stagnates growth, or even reverses it. I did not ask for this, and I DON’T WANT THIS, ANY OF THIS!

        First chance I get, I’m going home, to my REAL home with the aliens. I want nothing to do with earth. When I finally get to go home, I’m NEVER coming back to this P.O.W. camp of a planet ever again.


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