NEW Atlantis Templates “KNOW THYSELF” 12D Avatar Frequency ~ Sept. 3, 2022


Rainbow Dragon

Today we have a powerful 22:22 Portal and we are on Day 2 of 10 Galactic Activation portals in a row on the Mayan Calendar with Kin 107 Blue Electric Hand. This is encoded with the 17 of the Quantum Cosmic Consciousness of Source. The Blue Hand is the Healing Palm and we are being healed and transformed in the Electrical Potential of the Current of the emanation of the Still White Magnetic Light at the Center of all things.

This is it… no turning back. We forge forward through the unknown shadow of the past with Great Faith and Courage of our Lion Kingdom of the Holy Spirit. Nothing can stop our Earth Angelic Warriors of the Rainbow Tribe of New Earth. No matter what and who the dark throws at us we do not stop.

We do not Spiritually bypass, we look the shadow straight in the eyes and say no more. You served your purpose and now we let it go and be atone with the Kingdom of Heaven within, beyond all shadows, beyond the void. I Am the Power in the Light. My Pure Presence of Buddha Mind is untouchable and Eternal. Feel into the Energy and Power the Holy Spirit is transmitting to you in this Now beloved Guardian of the Way. The Toa moves through all things and is the Natural Middle Path of least resistance. We step into the Flow of the Current of the mighty River and release the shore to be carried directly to the Clear Ocean of Infinite Cosmic Consciousness. Gate Gate Para Gate Para Sam Gate Bodhi Svaha: Gone Gone, Gone Beyond to the other shore of Enlightenment and Awakening.

We are tapped in and turned on. The false ones were never in control, they only appeared to be through their fake programming and inverted projections. In the upside down world we flip the Script and take back this world in service to Gaia and all Sentient beings of the Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha. Namu Amida Butsu.

Fire up the Grids Ground Crew of the 144. We send the Clear Light of Bliss as conduits of the Holy Spirit to the Pyramid of Giza to transform the Power Station with the White Flame in the Middle to send out a Wave Field Synthesis of the Acoustics of 5D Resonance. The Mathematics of God’s Sacred Geometry is an equation encoded within the blueprint of our Crystalline DNA Activations.

We integrate and initiate the Rainbow Body Sequence Now. All Hieros Gamos Divine Unions merge for the final Quantum Leap of Consciousness into the New Hue of homo-Luminous; Eternal Gold Ray Christed beings of Infinite Light….A’Ho!

One thought on “NEW Atlantis Templates “KNOW THYSELF” 12D Avatar Frequency ~ Sept. 3, 2022

  1. If I had a Rabbi like this man, I’d consider converting to Judaism…..he PACKS a TRUTH PUNCH like no one else and he does it in 3 MINUTES. A good listen for all who need to know what is going on and has been for a hundred years. Go to TELEGRAM channel: @Covid19vaccinevictims


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