It’s time to prepare for what’s coming… ~ Sept. 2, 2022 (MUST read!) ~ Sept. 2, 2022


Editor’s Note: Wow…I needed this post! There are a LOT of topsy-turvy situations in my life right now…how about you? And when life seems to throw me curve balls, then…it is the moment for me to take a look at ME!

We ALL are co-creators for what there is that occurs in our lives…the good, the bad, and the ugly. And then we have a gaggle of controllers (maybe come pretending to be good, when they really are “not so good”?) who like to plant scenarios that produce…fear! This is the moment to take a deep breath, and focus on your own Heart/Mind and leave the fear behind.

BALANCE is a very good way to approach all areas of concern. Balancing allows both the “good”, and the “bad”, to be considered. Once you find balance, it becomes far easier to tip the scales of your mind into considering only the “good” and this will place you in the “high vibe” place where things just “seem to happen” as the Universe starts working in your favor.

Please read this article, start patting yourself on the back in honesty of your own Magnificence, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Happy September! This is one of my favorite months of the year because it leads into the beautiful and creative season of fall. September is a perfect month for making transitions and leveling up your consciousness. And I think this is especially important this month because of what may lie ahead.

It’s no secret that the world around us is being intentionally dismantled by the controllers of this planet. They are in the process of destroying energy and food production around the world. They also want to destroy our health and educational systems. Well, I’m sure you know the rest…

Here’s what we’re facing: They are intentionally ruining our physical lives, along with our collective minds, and keeping us in fear and uncertainty. By the way, do you know one of the chief reasons they like to keep us in fear? It’s because fear shuts down the higher faculties of our brains. It keeps us in a more primitive state of fight or flight. That makes us much easier to control.

So what can we do in response to this? What is the most effective thing we can do to protect ourselves and our journey towards ascension? September is a great month to focus on this πŸ™‚

Here’s what I would say is our best shot at staying free from all of the controllers’ diabolical plans. We absolutely must start thinking metaphysically. We must learn to tap into the immense power of our creative minds.

Do you know that a human being is an actual creative power in this universe? We need to start thinking of ourselves in this way. Each one of us exists as a power in nature. Of course we do! Look at what we are capable of that we generally take for granted.

Well, it’s time to stop taking this amazing truth for granted. I recommend that wherever in your life you are seeing yourself as a victim that you resolve to end that perspective once and for all. Because that’s a very undermining perspective. It’s disempowering. It says that you are helpless to do anything about your situation. And it completely shuts down your ability to create a different experience for yourself and a different outcome in your life.

So your first power is the power of creating perspective. You can create one that empowers you and lifts you up, or you can create one that keeps you in a proverbial jail of no progress and no movement.

Perspective is a framework. It’s how you frame events and experiences in your mind. It’s your own personal statement of reality. The key word here is personal. It means that you get to choose.

Now the controllers love to hammer us every day with the perspective that they want us to have. And all of their perspectives involve fear, violence, lack, and an overall sense of helplessness. We don’t need that, right? That’s something to immediately reject in the same way that you would reject the idea of eating decaying, awful food.

We need to have the same level of discernment with our minds. You can’t create a good life on top of garbage. And your mind cannot be inspired with a higher ideal for yourself if you are ingesting and accepting too much negativity from the controllers.

My position is to observe them, but never, ever take on their reality in my own mind. It’s important to observe them so you can be conscious enough to navigate around their insanity. But you don’t want to take on their reality as your own.

Now I have noticed over the years that the controllers have a tendency to create pandemonium in the fall. Why? Who knows? They are crazy, we do know that for sure! So let’s take this new month as a time to get really stable in our consciousness, and be centered with a positive vision for our own lives.

And I suspect these guys are up to something because they just deemed the Republican party in this country to be an actual terrorist cell! In fact, good ol’ Joe Biden just threatened the same people with F-16 military aircraft and nukes. Ha ha! Yes, that’s a big eye roll, for sure.

But wait…Do they want to start a civil war?

See, this is what I mean about using our human power and presence to stablize our reality. Remember that you are here to evolve. You are a part of the universe’s larger evolution out of duality. You did not come here to be a character in these crazy controllers’ drama.

So now onto this week’s Tuesday YouTube video. If you haven’t watched it yet, it has a total explanation of duality and what the ego actually is. This is so important to understand because by understanding the truth about the ego, you have a chance to make enormous progress in your evolution at a very fast rate! You will have a powerful understanding of yourself in ways that you can’t even imagine. The ability to see the ego for what it is can be absolutely mind-blowing in a very empowering way.

And if you are one of the fans of my cartoon drawings, I have some of that at the end πŸ™‚
You can watch the video now by clicking the image link below.
And here’s a suggestion for this coming weekend: You can set an intention for how you are going to take advantage of the month of September. You don’t even have to know exactly what you’re going to do. Just make a decision that you will not let this precious month go to waste. And if you live in the US or in Canada, enjoy your holiday weekend πŸ™‚
I’ll see you next week!
Much love,
Saratoga ❀️
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Copyright Β© 2022 by Saratoga Ocean

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