X22 Report — Episode 2864: The Monetary Shift is Happening, Bait Expends Ammunition ~ Sept. 1, 2022

Ep. 2864a – The Monetary Shift Is Happening, This Is Not What The [CB]/[WEF] Expected

The people are hitting the economic precipice, food shortages, inflation, high fuel cost, no energy, this is working against the [CB]/[WEF]. The leaders are telling the people they must sacrifice, this is not going to go well for the criminal syndicate. Countries are now shifting to a new monetary system.


Ep. 2864b – Bait Expends Ammunition, Pain Comes In Many Different Forms, Full Control

The [DS] is struggling, they do not have the leverage and the patriots are baiting them to expend ammunition. The [DS] players are feeling pain every step of the way, remember the Sun Tzu saying, appear weak when you are strong. Trump is baiting the enemy in, he wants them to make all the moves, he wants the world to see their moves, he wants the people to see the [DS], he wants the people to see how evil they truly are. Sometime you must show the people, pain comes in many different forms, full control.

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