White Hats – Sept. 1, 2022

The next stages of DAVOS GROUP, WEF, klause ass Schwab, GATES, Rockefellers UN <creation, and the whole DEEP STATE CABAL begins…

In this Stage they Create WAR with RUSSIA…. Use the CCP communist regimen ( help funded by Rothschild/ Rockefellers Banks in China who also fund Wuhan labs) and create Supply chain planned [ COLLAPSE ]….

In this Stage of the planned COLLAPSE . They will target the distribution of >>FERTILIZER AROUND THE WORLD<< Russia the second largest fertilizer producer in the world will be halted ( sanctioned), CCP will willing stop Export….>>> these DEEP STATE moves WILL effect U.S. and EU. South America. AFRICA .. And all Nations from growing food ( This what Bill Gates had wanted for years to do and also bought out land in the U.S to halt growing foods )//

This STAGE of the Deep State plan Will insure the blame to go to CLIMATE CHANGE<< ( engineered controlled destruction of food grown, engineered weather Warfare with patents that control weather ( Google} , .. melting of the ice caps and blaming frozen virus ( fake virus) being thawed under the ice in ANTARCTICA>>

THEIR ARE SEVERAL REASON TO USE CLIMATE CHANGE TO BRING IN THE NEW GREEN PASS .. THAT IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER [DS] passport that is connected to your bank account.. Your email.. Tracks everything you do and travel ( taxing you for every mile )…

This green pass will bring the sleeping sheep into full control

So Right now.. Your seeing the FULL disruption of the Top FERTILIZER producers in the world being halted!!!


This Near Death Civilization_EVENT >>>WILL go deep….


But there is LIGHT at the END….

Buckle up butter cups


6,000 year old CABAL deep state fighting to keep control of humanity….... Deep inside PAIN






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As reported by many insiders

> U.S. [ DS] military running the show in UKRAINE w/ CIA and private MILITARY ( mercenaries for hire)/// … Over ten thousand

Fighting in dark covert war for the CABAL deep state and training Ukraine millstone militias and military///

>WIRES; Two helicopters carrying [ DS] blackhats U.S. MILITARY soldiers were shot down while doing a rescue attempt on U.S. Underground Ground bunkers/BIOLABS that housed very important [ DS] Brigade Generals .

A [ DS] U.S. COLONIAL was among those taken prisoner of the shot down HELOS .

NATO / FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION military FORCEs among captured by the RUSSIANS


>The last remaining Ukrainian fuel depot destroyed … Bringing the Ukraine Mil into PANIC and a COMING Stand still<

MILITARY STOCK PILES/ MUNITIONS RUNNING LOW>>> that’s the reason Biden admin. Ok’s BILLIONS more for Ukraine War<<<


Putin has captured> NATO FORCES> [ DS]U.S. Mil. high ranking commands …. In underground Russian channels the captured U S. Colonial is seen from the gunned down HELOS///

Word is [ DS] U.S Brigade/Major

GENERALS caught inside D.U.M.Bs < The rescue attempt failed and a U.S. Colonial was captured.

>>>>>PUTIN holding these cards ♠️


Their is another reason why MUSK was allowed to position STARLINK over a WAR ZONE..

>>>Starlink satellites are much more than most think….


Starlink has been tracking ALL> blackhats mil.ops since the start


Deep state mil. Vs. White HATS MiL.

>everything happening now will connect to future _EVENTs


The set up. β™Ÿ CHESS β™Ÿ

How do you bring down the whole damn corrupt system

>>>> [ DS] inside PENTAGON CIA, 3 letter agencies….. NATO. UN???


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TRUMP Retruths Q Post #11


MSM NEWS on SEVERAL stations have meltdown as Trump Retruths over a dozen Q followers and then ReTruths Q Post directly to his page…..

Very important post


_this post is connected to Military take over of FBI CIA NSA …


Laws of WAR chapter 11

____The REAL POTUS is letting you know what’s happening behind the scenes. And letting you know >Q is REAL<

The military operations are REAL


How the Storm works/>

There is a beginning of a STORM ( The start of the journey through the storm)

The Middle of the Storm ( the calm in the middle of the eye of the Storm)

Then the second part of the STORM .. THE HARDEST PART OF THE STORM<

Last year was the calm in the middle of Storm when it felt like Trump was gone in February and March ( when ANONS lost hope…. But I was active letting you know what was going to happen)

We have now past the eye of the STORM into the Second part of the Storm

Here FOLLOW πŸ‘‰White Rabbits ArmyπŸ‘ˆto be up-to-date.

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