September 1, 2022: Running Out of Time for the Masses to Awaken and Get Busy [videos] ~ Sept. 1, 2022


The news is colourful these days, and so is the language. Some people don’t like it. So then… don’t listen or suck it up. What reality do you live in? This one has angry, excited, scared, and fed up people who talk the way they talk. We are dealing with mass murder, genocide and atrocities unimagined. Righteous anger is going to blow some blue smoke now and then so cover your ears if you can’t handle it.

The party who closed your businesses, locked you down, mandated vaccines, tried to destroy the lives of the unvaccinated, and just added 87,000 IRS agents – wants you to know that you’re a fascist.

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) August 31, 2022

Why pussy-foot around? Take a look at this Telegram. Snicker-snicker! Look at the meme that goes along with it. Link to Telegram.

They don’t know it yet, but the normies are about to get a massive dose of reality.

And in classic White Hat fashion, we got the normies to BEG for it first.

Just like with the Mueller probe, we seduced the normies into getting all of their eyes on, by giving them the optics that the situation was negative for Trump, only for Trump to be exonerated and the crimes of the Deep State exposed.

The normies don’t know a thing about the Iran Deal, but they are about to find out.


It’s never what we think. The Earth Alliance got it goin’ on and they know how to say, “look over here, not over there” even better than the cabal’s minions.

What concerned me about the Mar-a-Lago raid was the potential for the rogue FBI to plant porn or even “Frazzledrip” style material on Trump’s computer. They’ve done that to many people. Of course it would be a form of disclosure for the normies but hard on Trump and his family.

This is definitely getting interesting.

Military Arrests General Conspiring Against Trump

Just before press time this popped up.

BOMBSHELL: Obama EXPOSED As the Architect Of FBI-Trump RAID|+20 FBI Whistleblowers BRING DOWN Agency


Regardless of what you know, or think you know, I’m confident it’s much worse, much more extensive and goes deeper than you realized.

FBI & CIA cyber security expert Dan Woods says 80% of Twitter users are fake.

I’m not surprised.

— Kari Lake (@KariLake) September 1, 2022

For the best background and reality check available to us, you will probably want to listen to this great discussion with Juan O Savin [107 =17] and Nino Rodriquez because it is the most impassioned dissertation from Juan that I have heard after years of him telling us the reality and what must be done.

Warning: language alert. Juan is in fine form, and Nino is a little contrite. After the 1 hr mark it gets more lively and explains A LOT. This explains what MUST be done and why. The People have to engage differently to take control of this captured operation. Right until the last this Q insider lets us have it with his unique wakeup call.

Juan O Savin Big Intel “The Situation is Even Worse”

Here’s a thought: Link to Telegram for video.

All over the world people are starting to wake up. The lies are too transparent, the Main Stream Media is laced with propaganda. Many are fed up. Imagine if we all participated simultaneously in a globally organized event.

4th of September walkout; The Great Awaking Worldwide

A good portion of the masses need to awaken concerning Big Pharma, the medical industrial complex, bought-off or threatened doctors and scientists, and their own government representatives.

There is ample information on the Internet about the facts about Covid and the vaccines and what they are doing to people, but most people are, as Juan stated in the video above, lazy, and they just want to go on about their lives in a robotic fashion and not have to play a role in running their community or the nation, or do any research. They want to be told what to believe, what the facts are, how to get what they want, and they don’t mind being slaves. They just don’t consider alternatives. They think this life is all there is and there is no other way. It’s sad, but true.

They don’t mind being told they are the cause of “climate change” or food shortages, and that they need to take more injections to avoid dying from the flu, and they need to give up freedoms to make other people and the nation safer. They don’t dream of more, I suppose. They are happy enough, and don’t believe the future is dark if we don’t make an abrupt and dramatic course correction.

They want someone else to take the reins and steer the ship and fix problems. Juan said most people want a saviour to do it all for them. Yes, they just want someone to protect them, fix the problems, and make the future bright for everyone—without them lifting a finger other than to take 30 minutes every four years to cast their vote for someone they have not researched but they like what they said.

They don’t even know they’re lemmings headed for a cliff.

The Germans are waving the red flag and warning the world.

German Researchers Examine Covid “Vaccines” and Vaccinated People’s Blood and Say Stop Vaccinations Immediately

The cabal’s mouthpieces are now trying to scare everyone into getting another injection for Monkeypox; despite that being a condition almost exclusively limited to gay males. They are hoping people will be so afraid of getting those nasty red pustules and getting sick that they think it’s easy and cheap insurance to line up and get another jab in their arm. They have no idea what is in a “vaccine” or that they don’t need it. They think the people dying are dying of Covid and other diseases because the “experts” say “vaccines” save lives. We know what was in the Covid vaccines now—but what is in the Monkeypox shots?

In my Internet travels someone said you should never, ever awaken a sleepwalker. They postulated that is the reason for the White Hats concocting this ‘movie’ and slowly and gently informing the ones still asleep that they have been deceived on every level. That they have been betrayed. That infiltrators have hacked into police forces, the White House, churches, schools, the food, drug and water supply, and everywhere else. Everywhere.

Regardless of what political affiliation, there are corrupt and compromised people selling us out; many because the blackmail the cabal is running is so bad the politicians can’t afford for it to come into the public eye.

Are the masses aware of this sleight-of-hand? Link to Telegram for the actual visuals.

Suddenly Ivermectin shows up on the NIH website for treating Covid. After years of denial, blocking, interference, villification, ruining social media accounts, killing people, etc. they silently add it to their antiviral protocol. Please Share.


Consider this: Link to Telegram.

I’m here to tell you right now, if the Deep State were in control, their plan would have been completely sound. Flawless.

The fact that the situation has been butchered THIS severely, further confirms that this is a fully controlled White Hat op.

If the Deep State were in control, Trump would be eliminated, Truth Social and Telegram wouldn’t exist, and there would be no other narrative outside the MSM script.

You are witnessing controlled demolition.


You may have seen this on Telegram.



>There is a huge reason KASH went on SEVERAL well known podcasters who are followers of Q and the drops .. From X22 report to David Rodriguez and several, several others.
_As chief of staff to the Acting United States Secretary of Defense under President Donald Trump. Patel worked at the United States National Security Council and United States House of Representatives and was previously a Federal prosecutor working on national security cases, and a legal liaison to the United States Armed Forces._ KASH PATEL knows very well these channels he is on, use Q as a bases for their news and Intel drops to the public. ( As PATEL has/ had the Highest CLASSIFIED CLEARANCE and as many still suspect rightfully he has BLUE CLASSIFIED CLEARANCE for life
.. Meaning he is HIGHLY connected and WILL always have DIRECT CLEARANCE and/or has OATH KEEPERS/MIL WHITE HATS who give weekly/daily briefings)….
_ it’s No Coincidence that PATEL knows the Q followers channels and broadcast networks that are loyal to the Great AWAKENING movement…

♟️ ♟️ Moves are being made..
Efforts of 2022 Republicans taking the house and going after the DOJ AND FBI in 2023 WILL CULMINATE>>>into BRINGING THE HOLD DAMN HOUSE DOWN ( the cleaning of CIA.FBI. SYSTEM)/////
Many EVENTs are coming in for 2022 Elections surprise///
Deep state plans …
>White HATS ALLIANCE counter moves<////
Your watching a movie…. A very well STAGED PLAN to bring down the DEEP STATE……


inside Continuity of Government

Trump has always been the bait. From day one. He has been drawing their fire while hard core business is attended to in many places across the world.

Understandably, since Donald Trump stepped up and put his life on the line many have been concerned about his safety. Knowing the cabal’s proclivity for permanently eliminating problem people, and hearing about the many assassination attempts on Trump, they needed confirmation that he would be safe. At one point Q told us POTUS was 100% insulated. Q also responded on August 30th, 2018.

Aug 30, 2018 7:49:58 PM EDT

Anonymous ID: 11b426 No. 2806653 

Aug 30, 2018 7:47:19 PM EDT

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 564cef No. 2806559 


Please just keep POTUS safe, Q.

We will gladly end our lives to ensure he lives.
More than you can imagine.

4y, 1d, 18h, 54m ago

8chan qresearch

Also on that day Q spoke of the cabal’s spy satellites going offline because the Patriots got to them. Big Bird, Snow White, Corona – blind eyes in the sky. Attacking the enemy’s communications is huge. There have been massive wins for the Earth Alliance for a long time to eviscerate the cabal.

Take a look at these Q drops. It sounds like that may have been the time when the White Hats took over the NSA and the deep state was blocked. It’s brilliant, confident, and final. Link to August 30th deltas.

We have been told repeatedly that this is much bigger than we know. The New World Order’s complete and total takeover of the world was on the cusp of going nuclear and ending our life cycle here on Earth. What did Biden say… “Winter is coming.” As in nuclear winter?

And now this…

Over 50 Biden Administration Employees, 12 US Agencies Involved in Social Media Censorship Push: Documents

They were everywhere. We can’t say it enough. And they lie, and they pay people to shut up and bury their crimes for them. Case in point:

Recently the news of the Kamloops Indian Residential School mass graves of indigenous children came up in the Canadian press. Then a Canadian “alternative news” outfit took great pains to say it was all lies, never happened, the grave doesn’t exist, there is no proof, nothing there, etc.

That was True North—and they want taxpayers to fund them. And don’t think the First Nations members can’t be bribed to betray their own. That has been going on a long time and there are a number of very wealthy chiefs. Here is one of the articles from True North, now a highly questionable organization manned by cabal operatives.

Kamloops discovery “not a mass grave” says Tk̓emlúps te Secwépemc Chief

Now, today, Rebel News is doing the same thing. Link to their article.

In our new documentary, Rebel News reporters Drea Humphrey and Matt Brevner take you on an investigative journey to discover the truth about a story that misled a nation.

So… what—Kevin Annett lied? I don’t think so. Why did Trudeau apologize for the childrens’ deaths if it didn’t happen?

The cabal ruined Annett’s career as a Reverend in the United Church of Canada and destroyed his family life long ago because he spoke for the many indigenous who were attacked, abducted, or murdered in Vancouver by the cabal predators. Listen to his 14 minute response to the Canadian media claims that it was all make believe. He talks history and facts. And atrocities. Who do you believe? Learn more at

The Canadian Whitewash: Missing Children then and now

Rebel News wants us to believe that the reports on the murders at Willie Pickton’s Pig Farm in Coquitlam, BC were just about Willie the serial killer and didn’t involve RCMP hushing up or protecting the grand scheme the psychopaths had there for disposing of bodies they used for their disgusting sexual and satanic habits. Pigs will eat anything—including people. Pickton was the cabal’s fall guy. They paid him to be the caretaker and murderer they needed.

We happen to believe, due to the diligent research of an Abel Danger partner’s forensic expertise that a lot more went on at the Pickton Pig Farm than they want us to know. David Hawkins has spoken about dead pool betting, torture, and murder for the entertainment of the sick ef’s running the world, and recording it and streaming it live like a sporting event through a Toronto media company. You can’t make this up, folks. It’s their version of hopped up sports betting. They put their money on the length of time they believed it would take the victims to die as they hacked and tortured them, watching them twitch and bleed out.

Pickton Pig Farm, Coquitlam, British Columbia – Human body disposal site

Following the news of the mass grave in Kamloops a number of churches were set alight. It was an operation to mislead and possibly to get ahead of the bad news to come and vilify those of us who know of the murders. They torched the churches and tried to pin it on the awakened truth-tellers. Now these crimes have been relegated to the all too familiar annals of conspiracy theory and the blind Canadians will probably never give it any notice when it comes up in the real news.

We already knew of a similar mass grave discovery at the Brantford, Ontario India Residential School, and mass graves of hacked up children litter the planet. They can’t cover it up. So what’s going on here? These are the people running the world, folks. They are thick as thieves in the Great White Gulag of Canada, in case you didn’t notice.

As Juan stated in his brutally honest conversation above, if people don’t get off their butts, off their couches, and pick a lane and do what it takes to remove these criminals from power, this liberation can’t move forward. People need to stop being offended and get their butts in gear. Wake the dead!

It’s getting late and I must toddle off. Talk later.  ~ BP

4 thoughts on “September 1, 2022: Running Out of Time for the Masses to Awaken and Get Busy [videos] ~ Sept. 1, 2022

  1. Who does Juan think he’s talking to? The people that listen to the various alternative networks and he has made his rounds to where before they were saying ‘hold the line’ ‘trust the plan’ and when Trump asked for a call to action to show support for him and the rigged election at the capital….so various agencies or groups posing as Trump supporters do damage and innocent people who were waved in we hunted down and jailed treated like animals and all for not…the infiltrators let go while patriots had their lives ruined and all the sleepers still watching MSM and not alternative media….just who the hell is.Juan speaking to? Those that believe in this already stood up…think the sleepers ever listen to him? It’s an echo chamber as if we can do fiddly squat about those who aren’t listening and are happy to be slaves. I’ve been saying we need to unite and stand up and say no. The sleepers are not gonna wake up till the movie ends and truth is exposed. It’s not like it was yesterday…this is going on for years.
    Again Juan says they need more good people in there and that takes money money money. He also said we ain’t winning midterms which before it’s all about the midterms making things right…again trying to get the government to fix our problems..just pay your taxes and keep trying to get good politicians in and now stand up sleepers and patriots..wake up…we gotta fix the 2020 election but still not allowed to talk about it…this could take years their way while more die from the jab and they ruin more small businesses, raid Amish farmers and destroy our ability to feed our families cuz most will agree to anything to not starve their children. Or we could end the movie and wake the sleepers as I see it. This movie is all for the sleepers who allowed themselves to be brainwashed sheeple and the awake ones paying the price to keep them from civil war or going nuts but isn’t that gonna happen anyway.
    Many are homeless and lost their businesses and more to come but let’s just keep tiptoeing around the sleepers lining up for jabs cuz yeah they’ll wake up eventually right? Probably too late for the awake ones so how many are gonna die or be homeless or be jailed when we can no longer afford to coddle the sleepers?
    So Juan…frustrated as Nino is he too doesn’t see the purpose in continuing the charade….and Juan gets mad but why is he mad? Maybe he can go on mainstream media and tell some stories to the sleepers….maybe they won’t let him talk while we stare at his expensive leather boots propped up on a window sill overlooking the city…he might have to show his face so we can look into his eyes and watch if what he says is true….how about that?
    On William Mounts show he talks a bit about nesara/ gesara…says it was made up by a lady who lives down the road who heard it from Ramtha….ya all remember her right? He says it’s fake….I always hoped it’s true and want to believe it’s gonna happen…meanwhile as the slow…very slow movie or soap opera as the stomach turns….sure wished they’d cancel this TV movie series…tired of struggling and homelessness…I want to believe…but enough already. Juan…you go wake up the sleepers and get on Tucker’s show and show your face…it’s not like you haven’t already in Vegas and so how about that …talk to the sleepers instead of all of us in our echo chambers.


      1. Well I am like you…..someone that believed wholeheartedly that if the white hats are in control, if Trump is really the commander and chief and we are watching a movie….don’t worry, you’ll be ok, this will all just be a movie…nothing’s gonna happen to you….we just need to wake up the sleepers….and then oh Bidens gonna be president for a little bit but it’s for the sleepers….then many dropping dead from the jab but the sleepers just keep going back for the second and third and Trump supporting the jab when he got booed says it works and saves lives and stated more people died of covid so if he is no longer president at least publicly why can’t he tell the truth. Why promote the jab and even though he said you should have a choice but still promoting the narrative that there was a pandemic.
        As if we are a bunch of idiots to believe that Juan has to tell us disinformation sometimes cuz he’s gotta fool the cabal….ya know like they don’t already know what’s going on cuz yeah….they can be fooled by Juan who said nesara/gesara was a scam. Oh…that was disinfo for the cabal….lol and Trump can’t get the EBS out cuz the cabal…yet they are in control don’t worry, you’ll be fine. BUT I’m not fine…can’t afford rent nor to stock up on food the inflation is real…that’s for sure….but we are told this lockdown is for our own good and it’s gonna be some more dark times and some near death experience and another red October and end of year bs. I don’t mind watching a movie but I don’t want to BE in the movie.
        If this is just for the sleepers then bring out the truth already….no one needs to die or starve or be homeless to keep the sleepers calm. I’m done with the sleepers and the echo chambers of the Juan and Charlie and most all of them except Nino who just wants to end this movie too….really pissed off Juan…so that is why Juan needs to go on lame stream media and tell the sleepers to wake the hell up…maybe they will listen who knows…I’d like to see his face for a change and he can yell at the sleepers. Just do it Juan. Tired of looking at your boots and the never ending story.
        Hundreds of videos on you tube saying the same thing….something big is coming and life won’t be the same so if the best is yet to come let’s do this and bring out the truth….we become the monster we are fighting if we continue the charade ya think people aren’t gonna go crazy when they start trying to starve us? Don’t they remember the toilet paper fights…and exactly why do we have to go thru this for the SLEEPERS????? God I don’t want to be right….I hope I’m wrong…but I think the movie needs to end…this soap opera is getting worse…real people dying real people being homeless….I hope this ends NOW.


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