You Are A Warrior Of Light – August 31, 2022

The universe has great things planned for you, and your life is full of miracles! 

You never know what the future brings, so always be thankful for what comes your way and enjoy every moment!

When you are facing a crisis or challenge in your life, try to let go of what happened and focus on what can be done to make things better. Your mind is powerful enough to create change in any situation if only you let it! 

So instead of focusing on what went wrong, focus on what can be done now that has already gone wrong. You have the ability to change anything at any time.

You may be one of the most powerful people on this planet at this very moment, and you may also be one of the most vulnerable people on this planet at this very moment. Take care of yourself by surrounding yourself with positive people who can uplift your spirits when times get rough or when you feel down in the dumps.

You have so much potential and so much to give this world! You had already given so much—even before you knew what was happening! It’s time for us all to do our part and help each other out wherever we can — whether it is through encouraging someone else or just being there for them when they need us most.

You may think that this is impossible at times, but I assure you that it can be done! Keep in mind that we all have the power to make things happen for ourselves and others. The only difference between us is how much we believe in ourselves and our abilities.

You really need to stop being so hard on yourself! It is not possible for everyone to like everything about you, and if people can’t see past your flaws, then they aren’t worth your time anyway. 

You should never apologize for who you are because no matter what anyone says about you, at the end of the day, it will always be true: you are beautiful inside and out!

You have the power to be the change you want to see in the world. You have the power to make a difference in people’s lives and make the world a better place. The more you do so, the more you will be loved by others and yourself too. 

You don’t have to wait for others to recognize what you’ve done for them; it is your choice whether or not they do so. You may not be able to see it now, but one day when you least expect it, people will thank you for all that you have done for them and their lives!

As a warrior of light, you have a choice. You can choose to be negative or choose to be positive. By being positive and choosing to spread love and joy into the world, you will attract those who are seeking like-minded people. 

The whole world is seeking love, peace, and happiness, and when this happens, everyone will benefit from it! The best way to do this is to build relationships with others at all levels of society. It doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor, powerful or powerless, young or old. Your goal is to form bonds with as many people as possible so that they can help you fight negativity in your own way through their actions and words. You may be surprised by how many people are willing to help you achieve your goals!

So, try to be more positive. Stop gossiping about others. When you make negative comments, replace them with supportive and uplifting ones. Practice compassion and remind yourself that all “flaws” stem from hurt, neglect, and pain. People are actually only wounded children who were programmed with outdated belief-systems that have become their operating system and navigation. Think before you speak, and you can change the world!

This isn’t about judgment. I’m not telling you that you need to be a positive thinker or that you have to banish all of your negative thoughts from your mind forever and you have to do it all in one day. All I’m suggesting is that you take a few moments out of your day and make an effort to be more aware of how you think and how you talk. 

You don’t have to be perfect—no one is—but you can simply work towards being a little kinder, a little more willing to forgive, and a lot more willing to give your light family the credit they deserve. This all begins with bringing more light into your life.

Many people believe that they are powerless in the face of global events, but that doesn’t have to be the case. By taking on the role of a lightworker, you have the power to effect positive change—you can change your world into one that brings love and happiness to everyone. All it takes is one person who sees a problem and chooses to make a difference.

Work together, spread love and compassion, and help the surface population find their way back to the light. We are all one in heart and spirit! 

Use your voice to spread positive messages and help this planet realize its full potential as a loving, peaceful society that will be the brightest star of the galaxy to light up the sky!

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.

We are the Galactic Federation.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

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