The Role of Frequency, Vibration, and Resonance – August 31, 2022

Written by BZ Riger

I feel what you are saying and navigating. It is all about frequency…! We create and hold the resonance vibrational field of that which we choose to create, that which we connect with and take delivery of the tangible touchable materialized representation of that.
We are in a frequential construct from a linear perspective that has been hijacked, or perhaps better to say has had a false layer and infiltration laid over it which interferes with the simplicity of us Mastering our vibrational frequency. Intentionally focusing and being 100% re-sponse-able, for what we create and bring forth in our reality.
We are energy Beings/frequential Beings and master creators. So building those muscles, honing our mastery over what vibration we emit and being re-sponse-able for our own vibrational hygiene is our job and our natural flow. Remembering that, nurturing that. EVEN with the frequential construct and interference is why we agreed to come here.
We are not small. We are not missing anything. And we knew the scope of the task at hand to raise the vibrational field of everything- WITH the interference. To re-member/reclaim our Knowing and Mastery over our vibrational flow DESPITE that interference. And raise the vibration so that Gaia and all others could OPEN their hearts and throw off the distortion.
Is it sometimes excruciatingly difficult? Absolutely!
Is it amazingly beautiful when we are grounded in our high heart and tuning our vibration and feeling that glorious magical flow and unconstricted connection to the source of all that is? Absolutely.
We came here to transcend the distortions and the separation. Not to Fly off out of our bodies and leave the physicality behind… We came to master the playing in the embodied physical state with all of our multidimensional splendor. To balance the two masteries and completely transform not only our bodies and our planet but to assist in the NEW BECOMING of the next higher octave of ALL THAT IS.
It was standing room only galaxies wide to come here in these specific moments for this Never Been Done before feat!
This is where that balance is needed again. To know and use one’s mastery of our frequency and vibration and wield our creator being powers with open heart intention AND to SEE the distortions and the inverted layer and all we are overcoming and shifting and stand/play/bring our warrior of light vibration to bear to complete the task we came to do which is TO BE LIGHT embodied and create a whole new being that is “all of us” in a physical embodiment that is unlimited and radiant in our creational mastery and open hearted play.
That is why I AM still here.
I Love You,

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