Juan O’ Savin Big Intel: “The Situation is Even Worse!!” (Video) ~ August 31, 2022


The noose is tightening around all of the necks of those who supported former President Donald Trump, who will be next?  Juan is with Nino exposing what may be on the horizon..

The time is now to stand together and unite against this evil enemy that is destroying our country and the world! 

One thought on “Juan O’ Savin Big Intel: “The Situation is Even Worse!!” (Video) ~ August 31, 2022

  1. Lol……still he hides his face and.who knows what is truth….
    And here we go now we’re gonna lose midterms still trying to get politicians to change things for it and it’s all because we haven’t made enough money….money…money.
    It’s laughable that we are still trying to get politicians to do anything much less trying to keep any election free of cheating. Yes UN is lucerferians…..duh.
    Kim says Juan spent all last week trying to gain access the financial system as they had removed the terminal that Trump had in maralargo and the Pindar chair which gives them control of the terminal yo the back system.
    Even Nino is frustrated cuz Juan is saying we need 80 percent plus so what a crock of shit cuz the only ones not on board with turning this around are the brainwashed sheeple standing in line right now for their monkey pox vax or watching mainstream media.
    I love Nino saying WHEN is the military stepping in…Juan gets very mad cuz it’s only the doubting Thomas’s . Jesus said you can do the same as me and more.
    So here we go…no midterm win….no 80 percent plus on board…and onto 2023 after another lockdown or fake shortages.
    Juan says we’re captured…but wait a minute I thought Trump was in charge.
    Funny he says it’s all cubes….that is the red and black cube metatronic matrix .
    We’re a captured operation Juan says but I thought the white hats are in control of it all.


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