Message For You Know Who You Are… – August 2022

To any and all “politicians” and similar types who, in any way, shape, or form, have knowingly contributed to the demise of his or her respective countries, your days enjoying the sunlight and beauty of God’s earth are few.

As soon as you decided to look the other way, accept a bribe, or make a deal that hindered or lessened the enjoyment of life of another human through unjust and immoral means, you sealed your fate.

You thought you got away with your crime; you did not.

You thought your Ill-gotten gains weren’t detected; they were.

You thought nobody will find out; you’re sorely mistaken.

You thought it was worth it for the lifestyle you thought you were getting; how’s that working for you?

Now, as your walls cave in and you know you’re toast, hopefully, you recognize the error of your ways and seek redemption and vow to get right with your maker.

You can’t deceive almighty God. Are you that foolish?

He knows all. He’s in your head 24/7.

He is the conscious voice in your ear that whispers to you. He is the ringing in your head after you’ve done wrong. He is aware of all of your shortcomings and yet, He still loves you.

Should you continue to side with evil, enjoy the pressure of the guilt as it squeezes the life from you. Enjoy knowing you’re always running from the truth and you’ll never, ever, escape.

You can’t outrun, hide, or fool He who made you and to think you have, well, I’m glad you took the time to read this little message.

Night, night.

RB, admin



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